Land Lubbers

We made it back on land from our cruise! We left last Monday morning (today is Saturday, for future reference), and got back to our house around 2:30. I plan to write blog post entries (with tons of photos!) for each day of this past week, but this post is just a quick update of today only. Then I’ll work on the other posts over the next few days.

We woke up a little past 7am today, changed clothes, got ready, and packed the last few things (everything else was packed & checked last night), then had breakfast on the ship. We only had to wait about five minutes in our disembarkation spot, before it was our turn, and we actually got off the ship about 30 minutes earlier than expected, which was a-ok with me!

Once we claimed our luggage, and made the quick spin through customs & re-entry, we schlepped all the bags to the car, and left the port by 8:45am!

We took turns driving & napping, and stopped a few times for snacks, drinks and potty breaks. We had a quick lunch at the BK inside the Busy Bee, and made it home to my parents house around d 1:15. And I was so excited to see my girl, my heart almost exploded when I picked her up and loved her! She smiled so big and laid her head on my shoulder, just sweetly letting me hug & cuddle her. Then it was Daddy’s turn! Once we got home, she napped for about 2 hours, then woke up to play.

We had an early dinner time on the cruise all week, so we were hungry tonight by 5pm. And since we didn’t have any groceries stocked in the house, we ran out for some fast, casual Chinese food at Bento.

After dinner, we played some more, and gave Emmie a bath. Around 7pm, I had to take some motion sickness medicine, because I was feeling very queasy & strange, now that we’re back on land! Emmie went to sleep immediately after ber bottle, and Jeff and I have been working on editing some of the vacation photos. I’m quite sure we’ll end up going to sleep early tonight, and probably napping again tomorrow.

We had an AMAZING week, but I’m definitely glad to be back in our own home, with our sweet baby girl! Can’t wait to relive it through my catch-up blog posts over the next two days!

UPDATE: If you somehow found this post, but didn’t read about the cruise yet, follow these links: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5.

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