Packing & Preparing for Our Cruise!

Today was a loooong, busy day. It’s a little past 10pm, and I’m just now really sitting down to rest for the first time since… well, since all day. Since it’s late, and I’m exhausted, I’m going to keep the writing to a minimum tonight and just share a few quick things.

Yogurt & toast for breakfast before church.

Jeff taught our Sunday school class, then he served communion in big church, while I served in the nursery in Emmie’s class. (She’s not in the photo below, because she was attached to my hip.)

We got chicken mcnuggets on the way home, and she ate 3 whole ones. And then refused to take a nap, even though we attempt two different times.

Jeff and I took turns folding clothes, packing stuff, and playing with Emmie, while she fought nap-time. Jeff’s parents also stopped by for about 30 minutes, to get in some last minute baby loves. We finally got her down at 4pm, and while I stayed home & worked, Jeff got my oil changed, & filled the tank up with gas. Ready for our road trip to the cruise ship port in Tampa tomorrow!

We then met my parents for dinner at blaze pizza. And afterwards they came back to our house to go over some stuff. They’ll be staying here in our house, keeping Emerson (and Pretzel) for the week while we’re on the cruise. (HUGE thank you to Grammy & Pepaw!)

Grammy helped with bath time before they headed home, and Emmie went to sleep immediately after her hot milk. Then we got right back to work! We washed our bedding, packed up the rest of stuff our cruise stuff, groomed & bathed Pretzel, I washed the dishes, we cleaned our bedroom, Jeff fixed one of our toilets, and I think that’s about everything.

The two Vera bags below are just my stuff. Jeff has one large & one small bag of his own. And the bag on the right is our “carry-on” with bathing suits & a change of clothes, just in case.

We’re exhausted, but excited! And only slightly anxious about leaving Emmie for 5 whole days! I know shell be perfectly taken care of, but man I’m gonna miss that girl so dang much!!

Oh and also, I will have Wi-Fi on the cruise (so I can talk to my parents & Emmie a little bit), but I doubt I’ll be posting full daily blogs from the ship. So we’ll see how that goes, but I’ll definitely get right back to blogging upon our return!

And as usual, I ended up typing more & more as I went, so I’m gonna wrap it up now. Night night!

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