French Toast & Puffins & Chores

Jeff went to the church first thing this morning in for a men’s breakfast, followed by a few hours spent as a work day on our church campus. So I made cinnamon & pumpkin french toast for Emmie and I. Unfortunately I didn’t realize until everything was done, that we didn’t have any syrup. Oh well, plenty of butter did the trick.

Emerson had this crazy little curly hair floof when she woke up this morning, and I just loved it so much.

She had loads of fun playing with and loving on Pretzel for a long time today.

For lunch she had grilled cheese and peaches, and she was being so silly. The photo below was her saying “uh-oh!” She loves that phrase lately.

I started a new audio book while washing dishes & cleaning the house today. It’s a mystery, and that’s about all I knew when I chose it. But it turns out it takes place on a “boutique” cruise ship… Is that too weird/ironic/coincidental to be listening to a cruise ship mystery this close to our own cruise?! Oh well, already started!

After Emerson’s 2-hour nap, we had some family play time. A screensaver photo of a puffin came up on the TV, and Emmie was completely enraptured! She literally stopped still to watch the photo, and she kept reaching for the TV. So Jeff started playing YouTube videos of puffins, and she went crazy for them! Eventually we watched ones about the 10 prettiest birds, and she loved that one too! I have always loved penguins, and it looks like Emmie might love puffins!

She had yogurt for snack time, and little Miss Independent just had to do it herself!

She ended up taking a second nap, for about 1.5 hours, and I went crazy cleaning our bathroom. I Swiffered all the lint, dust hair & dog fur, then wet Swiffered to clean. Then I got on my hands & knees to scrub around the toilet. I also cleaned the toilet bowl, and scrubbed the shower. And then I took a shower, right before Emmie woke up. Tomorrow I’ll clean the sink & counter, and it’ll be sparkling! Sometimes you just gotta scrub the bathroom from top to bottom, right?!

Then we went to my parents house for a quick surprise visit, since today is my Mama’s birthday! We were only there for 30-45 minutes, but it was a good little visit. They brought Emmie a few gifts from their getaway trip, and Emmie liked getting those.

We left their house, and went out for a simple, fast dinner at Whataburger. Emmie had her first taste of white gravy, and to say she liked it was an understatement. She loves dipping stuff on her own, but she just kept dipping her fries, and sucking off the gravy, then dipping it again! She was so funny!

Y’all know how I love sunshine and clouds. And tonight it was gorgeous!

After bath time, Emmie got some loves from Daddy & doggy and her new piggy from Grammy & Pepaw. She drank her bottle of piping hot milk, and then promptly fell asleep.

After a crazy busy day full of lots of work and chores and 5 loads of laundry and dishes and bathroom scrubbing – I’m wiped! Definitely going to go put my feet up & rest before bedtime. Tomorrow, we do all the packing!

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