Friday Family Date Night

As usual, let’s start with the daily drop-off photos from school this morning. She’s so silly sometimes!

She grabbed this little shaker from the instruments shelf, and then her two little friends followed her & did the same. When I turned around one last time, they were standing in a little formation, and I thought Emerson looked like their lead singer!

I finished this short little audio book right as I parked at work this morning. It was seriously perfect timing. The next book in the series has holds on it, so I’ll have to wait my turn for that one.

And I ate my daily Flip yogurt for breakfast today instead of a snack or dessert, and this one was my favorite so far!

For lunch, I went out with work-friends Heather, Tammy and Toni. We threw out a bunch of options ahead of time, and all agreed on Masa. And goodness gracious it was delicious! We had all been there before (together even), so we knew what we were in for, but it just seemed especially yummy today! Their $10 express lunch meals are a great deal. And as usual, we laughed a lot & had silly/weird/strange conversations, and learned (the hard way), about some things not to Google.

This afternoon at work was crazy pants, trying to tie up a bunch of loose ends before I’m out all next week. I took care of a TON of stuff and junk and paperwork, and felt good about how I left things. I certainly won’t miss dealing with all of that for the next week!

Jeff also had a crazy day trying to clean up his work stuff too. They’re replacing the carpet in his office next week, so he had to box up & clean up so much tech stuff.

So to celebrate, I picked up Emerson, and the three of us had a little family date night tonight! We had chicken quesadillas and chips & queso at Burrito Boarder. And then we played Donkey Kong! They have a bunch of gaming consoles around the restaurant (and a shelf of board games and cards), and there was one right at our very own table!

When we got home, we took a family selfie, but this was the best we could do. At least she’s looking in the general direction : )

Emmie went right to bed, and now Jeff and I are going to just chill nd watch a few episodes of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” We’ll have a lot of cleaning, clothes washing, & packing to do over the weekend, so we’re gonna rest and take it easy tonight!

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