Farm Fresh Eggs

We missed seeing the baby girls at school drop-off first thing this morning, but Emmie did great and didn’t cry or whine even once. She was actually super excited to see one of her classmates, and ran off running after him yelling, “Hey, dat’s my friend!”

I didn’t have anything at home to bring for lunch today, and I was really craving that sushi from last week. So I asked my new work friend Amanda if she wanted to go with me. Luckily, she was easily swayed to leave her sandwich for another day, and declared herself to be the support team for my pregnant-girl cravings. We went back to Siam Sushi again to get their lunch special – two rolls for $10, with your choice of soup or salad. I got salad with the best ginger dressing, and got the Tallahassee roll (left), and repeated the Siam Mini roll from last week (right), which was still my favorite out of all that I’ve had lately.

Look at those baby blues!

And look at Emmie with these sweet little friends of hers! I love this one!

When I picked her up after school, she had a little extra energy, and had to run up and down the sidewalk about 10 times, before I could finally get her into the car.

Tonight for dinner, we had breakfast – pancakes, sausage, and farm fresh eggs! When I shared my post about our 330 oranges the other day and offered them up to anyone who wanted them, an old friend/teacher (and actually our wedding coordinator) reached out wanting some oranges. She offered to trade for farm fresh chicken eggs, and I thought that sounded like a great barter! She came all the way to our house to get the oranges, and left this little container of eight eggs for us. I scrambled four of them tonight, and they were sooo good! Honestly, definitely way better than store bought ones. I think this was my first time having farm fresh eggs like this, but I very much enjoyed them! So, if you’re reading this, thank you so much, Cara!

At first, Little Bit didn’t want to eat (even though breakfast is some of her favorite foods), but then Daddy reminded her it was basically just a “deconstructed McGriddle” (which we all know really IS her favorite) and then she really got into it! She wanted me to help her make all the perfect bites, and then she ate every single thing on her plate, plus one more whole sausage patty.

After dinner, Emmie helped me make some “salad eggs” so I would have something to take to work for lunch tomorrow. We saved the farm fresh eggs and just used our grocery store eggs, but this will still be good. I’ll probably make us egg sammies for breakfast on Saturday morning with the last four special eggs, and I’m already looking forward to that.

We did a video call with Nana & PopPop tonight, and then watched a few minutes of “Cars” on Disney+. Emmie was really into it (actually, all three of us were into it), but we had to call it off and head to get her ready for bed.

Tonight’s bedtime shenanigans were a little out of control, and she just wouldn’t chill out. When we finally left her room, I told her I was gonna put my earbuds in and wash dishes, so I wouldn’t hear her if she called, and Daddy would be on the computer. So I did just that, but I could still hear her hollering for me even with my earbuds in. I let it go on for a few minutes, and about the time Jeff came walking through to go check on her, I turned around, and there she was, standing there in the kitchen. She was trying to hide the smirk on her face, because she had come to tell us she had found a tiny hair tie in her bed. We were like, “Yeah kid, you didn’t need to yell for five minutes and then come in here for that.” So we gave her more hugs and kisses and put her back in bed.

I did finish the dishes though, and got the leftovers from dinner and the egg salad all put away for tomorrow, and now I need to put my feet up and rest. This is about the most “work” I’ve done on a weeknight in a while, so I’m exhausted now!

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