Wearing Red for Healthy Hearts

Today was National Wear Red Day to help spread awareness for cardiovascular disease and overall heart health, specifically in women. And since my tiny Emerson is now on the other side of a scary open-heart surgery, healthy and thriving with a healthy heart now, of course we had to wear red today to join in the movement!

The baby girls got to stop by Emmie’s classroom today when they got to school, for a quick visit. Emerson had been playing in the “home living” part of class, and so she was wearing some weird dress-up skirt, but she was so excited to see her triplets!

And look at these fun little heart things they made in crafts today. She said her teachers put hands on the little arms too, and then I think they put them up as decor for next week. Can’t wait to see this one when it gets sent home!

The egg salad that Emmie and I made last night was delicious on some toasted bread today for lunch.

And then for dinner, I tried this new “tortilla hack” that’s all the rage on social media lately. My friend Bridget told me about this version she made last week, and I decided I justĀ hadĀ to do it myself. So I had Jeff make some chicken in the Instant Pot late this afternoon, then shredded it when I got home. I mixed it up with some chipotle mayo/sour cream, added swiss cheese, caramelized onions & arugala. Then you cut a slit half-way through the bottom two “quadrants,” and flip it all together until it forms a little pocket, and grill it in the skillet. And it turned out sooo good! I loved it! You can fill it with just about any toppings you want, and make a million different ways, and I’m excited to try out a few other options, like a pizza one, or a dessert one. Yum!

I knew Emmie wouldn’t like the chipotle, and she didn’t need the full-size burrito one, so I just made her a plain chicken & cheese quesadilla, and she loved it. Coincidentally, she actually had a cheese quesadilla at school for lunch today. But when she started eating hers tonight, she was like, “MMM! Did you put chicken in this?!” I was so glad she liked it! And she ate every single bite.

She put her own nightgown on after dinner, and found her camera and took all sorts of pictures of us in the living room. Then she wanted to color while we watched “Cars,” so we all just settled down and relaxed.

She very sweetly, and very intently, listened to Daddy read her bedtime book, reciting the little parts she knew, and pointing out cute things like tiny mice and clocks and chairs.

Bedtime actually went really well tonight, and we were able to get her down to sleep without any major fuss or hoopla. And that’s always a big deal with this girl, who’s been a sleep-fighter since day one! I washed out my skillet earlier, and we ate on paper plates, so there are only a few dirty dishes, which will be left there until tomorrow.

We’ve got lots of chores and errands lined up to take care of over the next couple of days, but first, I’m gonna settle in for a bit of Friday-night rest and relaxation with hubby. With the news of Christopher Plummer‘s death today, it seems only fitting that we re-watch one of my favorite movies ever this weekend, The Sound of Music.

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