Guitars & Mixed CD’s

Well we started the day with an unusual turn of events – Emerson slept until 7:30am! And when she woke up, she didn’t call for us, she just got up out of bed and walked over to our room, then crawled up in bed and snuggled in between us. She stayed in there with us for about 15 minutes, and I couldn’t get enough of her sweet, warm snuggles.

Then we had an early grocery pick-up slot (I’ve discovered I qualify as “high-risk” since I’m pregnant), so we got our groceries and then grabbed McDonald’s for breakfast on our way back home.

And then we got BUSY on a bunch more chores around the house. We even tacked some more of those places that junk gets stuffed into and forgotten, and we found all sorts of stuff in the corner behind this chair. Including a box of stuff from my old Jeep when we traded it for my current car. And I’ll tell you I literally¬†gasped out loud when I found this old mixed CD my old college friend/roommate/bridesmaid, Jenni, made me back in like 2008, that was my favorite ever. I’d been looking for it for years, and I’m so glad I found it! Gonna update it for the new decade, and create a playlist on my YouTube music now, so I won’t lose it again.

Emmie found a few things to keep her occupied for a while, and then decided to help us. So I gave her a magic eraser, and she helped me clean up all the smudges and fingerprints all over the hallway.


And for part of our chores today, we hung up some more things around the house. For some reason, even though we’ve lived here for 4.5 years now, we never really got around to hanging much on the walls. But today, we hung guitars in the “music/library” end of the dining room, and some floral prints in the hallway (that I’ve had sitting around for years), and we plan to make a little “collage wall” in the hallway sometime this week, hopefully.

I’m really diggin’ this cozy little corner now. The guitar on the right (a Harmony Patrician) was Jeff’s grandfather’s, from when he came home after serving in WWII, so it’s very special to him – and somewhere around 70-ish+ years old!

We need to get one more mount, and then we’re also going to hang the tiny ukulele’s on this wall above the keyboard. But Emmie and I spent some time “playing” them together today, while we sang along to “Jesus Loves Me.”

She had her PB&J for lunch, with our new obsession – Chester’s cheesy puffed corn. She colored a bit more while we finished up the photos in the hallway (I put the picture above, but we didn’t hang them until after her lunch), and then we got her down for a nap.

While Emmie napped, Jeff and I folded a couple loads of laundry while watching our fave travel YouTube couple. We did a little more work around the house once she was awake (washing dishes, scrubbing toilets, and putting away all the clean laundry) and Nana even stopped by to drop off some stuff for us. We had to do some returns at Beall’s Outlet & Walmart, and we made a quick trip to Home Depot as well.



We headed in to Chick-fil-A for dinner, and although the plan was to go through the drive-thru and take it home, Emmie wanted to go inside to eat. We figured we’d been cooped up inside at home enough today, so we went on it and enjoyed our meal there.

She had lots of fun in the bathtub splashing around and getting herself clean. She loves when she gets super crazy hair from towel-drying it, and always wants me to take a photo and show her. I’m gonna give her some of those little girl towel turbans for her Valentine’s present, but for tonight, we wrapped it back up in her towel for a few minutes.

Even after eating all four nuggets, and most of her fruit, and half of the brownie she got, she still ate almost this entire bag of Cheetos while reading her bedtime book, “Aqualicious.”

She didn’t want to sleep, as usual, and it took a while to get her to finally settle down and be quiet and just chill in her bed. But she’s quiet now, so I think she’s finally going to sleep. I’m gonna paint my fingernails real quick (followed by the coat of super fast-dry top coat so it won’t smudge), and then head off to bed in a little while. We did so much around the house today, and I’m proud of what we got done, but it’s certainly exhausting!

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