Dinner Flop

First off, look at this little “then & now” comparison photo Google made. On the left, she was only about 4 or 5 months old, verses 23½ months on the right! So different! So sassy now!

My girk was wearing a super cute romper to school today! She was also being a little clingy, so Ms. Q scooped her up, and gave her a gummy worm 😆

For lunch I had my leftover Indian Butter Chicken, and it was delicious. I also made some good headway on this giant almost-500-page book, and am now on page 197.

Oh, Google also made this little collage of photos with Emerson & Pretzel. And it’s so cute! (For clarification – I have a Google phone, and all my photos are automatically uploaded to Google Photos {the cloud}, and occasionally it makes collages or videos or other fun stuff from your photos.)

Here are some of the photos we got from her teachers today!

After school & work, we did a video call go see Aunt Meggie, Uncle Bo and the babies for a few minutes. But baby Riley started getting super fussy, so it didn’t last long. But it was good for a quick hello!

While I was working on dinner, this weird little Tater Tot was jabbing this dinosaur ladle at me & roaring, then all of a sudden she just stopped and did this. And stood there so still. She’s so silly!

Two-year-old birthday party stuff arrived today!

For dinner we had chicken tacos, yellow rice, and a chipotle bagged salad kit. But the (store-bought, pre-cooked) chicken was gross and way too gristle-y, and neither of us liked the salad dressing from the kit (that I didn’t taste first & just put straight on the salad), so we ended up eating “veggie” tacos & rice only. I try to find meals that are quick & easy for weeknight dinners, and sometimes they just don’t work out. Sometimes dinner is just a flop. Unimpressive & unsuccessful. Oh well… I’m thinking we’ll have some chips and salsa for a snack here real soon 😉

Emmie didn’t mind though, since she just had rice, cheese, carrots & tortilla shell! She ate great!

And then we had another good bath time! There was minimal fussing when I poured water on her head before & after shampooing. But like I said, it was minimal, and totally manageable compared to the previous screaming. Oh, and she can even point to an “E” when you ask her! She’s so smart!

And she still loves to wipe it off and clean up after herself, so that’s great too.

She’s just so adorable in her jammies & slippers!

She didn’t really want to go to bed, so she put on a bit of a show and did some of her usual stall tactics. But after we finished reading, daddy held her & rocked her and she was out in just a few minutes. I washed the dishes while he did that, and now everything is cleaned up & taken care of. Sadly, no taco leftovers for tomorrow though. That’s the other unfortunate thing about a dinner flop, is no leftovers for work lunch! We’ll make do though. Time for snacks and an episode of “Fringe” now, followed by some bedtime reading.

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