Church Choir

I’ve been a part of our church choir for the past three years or so. We rehearse every Wednesday night, and sing every Sunday morning. I’m also a part of our praise team, which means I sing my Alto part at the front of the stage with a microphone, the third Sunday of every month. AndI love it! I love learning new songs and new parts and new harmonies. The harmonies are my favorite actually.

I remember the beginning of my 7th grade year, my youth choir director, Mrs. Pam, put me in the Alto section. After singing soprano for my 6th grade year, I was upset with the change at first. But then I quickly realized I was good at finding the harmonies, and good at singing the lower female notes, and I liked it better actually. And ever since then, I’ve still loved singing Alto!

So tonight we had choir rehearsal, followed by praise team rehearsal (it’s my turn on stage this upcoming Sunday), and I sang my heart out for about 2.5 hours. And I loved it.

On another note, since Emerson started her new classroom on Monday, she’s absolutely loving it, but she is also way more exhausted by the time we pick her up, and falls asleep almost instantly in the car.

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