Wonder Woman

(This post is for Saturday, 10/31/20.)

Emerson woke up at like 6:15am (which she does almost every day like an alarm clock), so we watched Frozen 2 and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and let her play on her Kindle, and eat some snacks, until it was a more acceptable hour to get dressed and out of the house on a Saturday.

It was in the low 50’s, so we busted out a winter-y look, with this hand-me-down penguin outfit. So cute! Plus, she let me do her hair, and it was far from perfect, but super adorable.

We got some breakfast together at Chick-fil-A, and their new cold brew mocha cream was delish.

Then we headed up to the courthouse downtown, to do our early voting. There were no lines, no waiting, and we just walked straight in and to a poll booth. Super simple.

Emmie was having so much fun playing with the acorns, and didn’t wanna quit playing, so we decided to head over to Myer’s Park to let her her play on the playground. And even at 10am, as the sun came out and it warmed up, we still had the whole place to ourselves the entire time.

We went by Walmart to get our grocery pick-up order after that, and Emerson was about to bust a gut. So we walked alllllll the way inside for her to potty, then she had fun walking back through the bike racks on the way to the car.

And oh my word, it felt like we had a HUGE grocery order. After not getting groceries for the past two weeks, we were low on a bunch of items and some necessities. But we’re re-stocked now and everything is in its proper place, and I’m ready to cook some good meals for dinners this week!

After we got the groceries put away, I made Emerson some cheese noodles for lunch, she ate that, and then went down for a nap. Jeff and I ate the leftover pizza from Friday night, and cleaned up the living room a little bit, and then Emerson woke up after only an hour.

That worked out well though, because we got ourselves dressed and ready and headed off to meet Grammy and Papa and Nana for an afternoon at the Redemptive Love Trough or Treat event! We got to see so many animals, and feed most of them, and Emmie racked up quite a full basket of treats.

Megan, Bo and the triplets had planned to come with us, but they’ve been quarantined for the last couple of weeks after Bo tested positive for covid. We very much missed having them with us though!

We randomly ran into our friends from church, Greg and Abby, and their kids, so we spent the last half of the event with them. That worked out great too, because Caroline (purple dress) is known as the “chicken catcher,” so she would catch a chicken, and then bring it over and hand it to Emerson to hold! It was hilarious, and so cute, and so sweet! And I doubt Emmie would have held it, had she not seen Caroline hold it first, nor could she have caught one herself.

Emerson was obviously a super hero these past few months, undergoing & recovering from open-heart surgery to close two holes & repair a damaged valve. So it was only fitting that she dress up as Wonder Woman for Halloween this year!!!

We went to the Trough or Treat event at Redemptive Love Farm, and had so much fun!! We missed having my the triplets (and their parents) with us since they were in quarantine, but obviously Emerson was the cutest Wonder Woman ever! 😍

Also, please look at how cute my adorable triplet nieces were, as a lion, tiger & bear. Oh my! 😍 I miss these chunky girls!

We went out to dinner with my parents afterwards, then did the tiniest bit of “trick or treating” at only Uncle Keith and Aunt Suzanne’s house, and Nana and PopPop’s house.

We stayed and chatted with them at each house, and purposefully kept Emerson up later than usual, to try to help off-set the “fall back” time change. It was about 9:15pm when we got her down for bedtime, and after such a crazy busy day, I was too tired to write this blog post!

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