TikTok Feta Pasta

We had a super easy, pain-free drop-off this morning, for my two happy girls.

And both girls had themselves a good day at school!

This little cutie was just laying around on her Boppy, looking all around the room, just so happy and content!

I made a new recipe for dinner tonight – the infamous TikTok feta pasta dish. You’re supposed to roast a block of feta with grape tomatoes then mash and mix it all up together. I got subbed the chunk of feta for the crumbled feta instead, but it still worked out good. I also added in a whole diced onion (because we love onions), plus a giant scoop of garlic and tons of spices, all in olive oil. I also added some shredded chicken, that I had Jeff make in the Instant Pot earlier today

I made fun, twisty pasta noodles, and added some basil & parmesan on top, and it turned out pretty good! Emmie loved it and told me the noodles were sooo good, and even Jeff liked it more than I thought he might, and said it was really good.

Our new routine this past week or so, is Jeff holding and/or feeding Addison while I cook dinner and eat with Emerson, and then we switch and I hold her or swaddle her while Jeff gets to eat dinner. Tonight, Jeff and Addie both fell asleep after she finished her bottle, and they were so sweet in there.

I washed up some dishes and let Emmie play on her Kindle for a little bit, before getting her ready for bed. She grabbed her brush, and daily vitamins, and the vitamin E oil we put on her open-heart-surgery-scar every night. She chose to read one of her favorite books (That’s What Dinosaurs Do), and we had lots of loves and cuddles before putting her to sleep.

Baby Sister was just fighting sleep super hard, all swaddled and cozy and eyes just barely open, but I lightly closed her eyes for her, and she’s been quietly asleep ever since.

I’m glad to have all the dishes done early tonight, and now I’m gonna give myself a little manicure.

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