Milk Drunk

Today was pretty much just another regular Monday… We started off the day with a chaotic morning drop-off with the triplets. (Emmie and Addie were great, as was Ellie, but Kensley & Riley got pretty upset.)

But actually, our morning started off before that, but not as early as usual, because Addison slept like an actual baby last night! She ate at Grammy’s house around 5:30pm yesterday, went to sleep at our house around 8pm, and then slept through theΒ entire night until my 6am alarm woke us all up! I was shocked!! So she slept for 10 hours, and went 13 hours between bottles, and I was just flabbergasted, and so thankful for such a great nights’ sleep, for all of us!

This was actually before they got there, when Emmie was just sitting on the sidewalk watching for Aunt Meggie’s van.

Not sure what this little stink face was about, but she’s still cute.

When we got back home after work and school, Emmie played on her Kindle, Jeff held Addison, and I finished the last 10 minutes of my audio book while making teriyaki beef stir fry. Addie was happy and just chillin’, so we put her on the Boppy on the table with us, and that was fun for all of us.

She was just making herself a perfect little bite, and just quietly, barely singing along, looking adorable. And if it seems to end abruptly, it’s because I cut the video right before she spit the bite back out, because it was too big. No one wants to see that πŸ™‚



Emmie specifically asked for her and baby sister to take a bath together tonight, and that sounded like a great idea. Addie is still loving the bath every single time we put her in it, and Emmie loves having her in there with her!



Addison got her jammies on, and the lavender nighttime lotion, and then Daddy gave her a bottle. She quickly fell asleep with him, since she was bathed and warm and happy and milk drunk.

I did Emerson’s bedtime routine with her, and she is getting really good at spelling and recognizing letters. She pointed out every letter on this book cover tonight, and I was very impressed. She was also super sweet and lovey tonight, and just wanted to hold and cuddle me.

I scooped up Addison when Jeff went back to give Emmie her nighttime loves, and she was sooo cute and sweet and I just loved this squishy face she was making! I made Jeff go grab my phone off the charger to take this pic, because wow, the cuteness. And then she stayed completely asleep when I moved her to be swaddled and “Boppied” (as Jeff has made it into a verb) for a while before moving her to the bassinet later.

I washed up a sink-full of dishes earlier and cleaned up the kitchen, but I left all the bottles for Jeff to wash later πŸ˜‰


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