Feeding the Fawn

OK today was another great but exhausting day, and I feel like I might have a cold coming on. I’ve also already spent at least 20 minutes editing videos, so I’m tired and just going to photo dump and run again tonight.




One of the mama deer that live out there by them had a baby on Thursday, and we got to see this adorable, tiny, 3-day-old fawn tonight, and I couldn’t stop watching! I wanted to scoop up that deer and hold it! It was also way smaller than I thought it was going to be. But just so stinking cute!



Addie fell asleep on the ride home, and just barely woke up when we relocated and swaddled her. Emmie went to sleep super easy tonight, probably because she’s also exhausted from all her swimming today. She worked really hard and learned a lot in the pool today, and we were so proud of how good she did!


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