Stealing Gifts

Today happened to be pajama day for both of the girlies at school, and I think you can tell they were happy about that!

Today was our annual White Elephant Christmas party at the office. Everyone brings a $10 gift, and we all bring some sort of food or snack, and we have really yummy food and play a really yummy game, and it’s a great time! I stole not one, but two Starbucks gift cards, which were then both stolen from me, and then I ended up stealing a little boba kit, that I’m going to give to Emmie for Christmas 🙂

Addie was so proud of her little flower when I picked her up from school, and told me to take a picture of her by this banner in her classroom.

Nana had gotten both girls a couple of new ornaments for each of their little trees, so we put those on their trees when we got home tonight.

I could not be bothered to cook dinner tonight. I was just feeling so tired and the kitchen was still a mess, and like I said, I just couldn’t be bothered. Coincidentally, Firehouse Subs did a promo deal today for BOGO sandwiches if your name started with “J.” So I asked Jeff to stop there on the way home, and get us all sammies for dinner. Meanwhile, I took some time to work on cleaning the kitchen before he got home, so that I can actually cook later this week as planned…

We got a few new candles at TJ Maxx a couple of weeks ago, and I finally got one out and lit after dinner tonight, and it smells amazing.

While we were watching Bluey, Emerson just casually grabbed her Bible and came over to snuggle up next to me, and just sat there reading for about 5 minutes. She is the absolute sweetest, most pure-hearted little girl.

Both the little girls are asleep now, and I’m gonna spend just a few more minutes doing some tidying up in the kitchen. Then I seriously need some good rest, followed by some good sleep.

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