Chicken & Biscuit Casserole

We have had the most chill, the most lazy day-after-Christmas at home. I mean, the girls still woke us up pretty early, but then after that, we had a chill breakfast, followed by a quiet movie time, wherein Addison, Jeff and myself all fell back asleep around the living room. Only Emerson stayed awake all morning. Eventually, the boys got up around 11:30 or so, and we all found leftovers and things for lunch. Then we all took about 30 minutes to clean up and put away things from Christmas, which were all just dumped in the dining room floor when we got home last night.

One of Emerson Christmas gifts I got her, was this little boba tea set, which I actually stole in our office white elephant game last week! She asked me about eleventy-billion times this morning if we could make it after lunch, so the second I put my last bite in my mouth, she was dying to get started. And this actually turned out really good! I also just loved the outfit she picked out for herself today, complete with all the accessories she got for Christmas yesterday, including a key chain she was wearing on her wrist with her other bracelets.

Addie has actually been on the verge of getting sick for a couple of days, and then all day today she’s had a fever, and been very sleepy, and hardly ate anything. She was so sweet and cuddly though, and just wanted all the hugs and loves from all her people.

Jeff and the boys actually left early this afternoon to meet Jeff’s dad at the movies to see the new “Aquaman.” I actually got Addison down for another nap while they were at the movie, and Emerson watched her own movie on her Kindle. And I got myself back into watching Survivor. I actually never finished last season, but got about halfway through, so I picked up there today. While that was playing, I got a chicken & biscuit casserole mixed up and into the oven, to start baking for our dinner.

Addie napped for a little over two hours, and I went in to wake her up eventually, so that she would hopefully sleep okay tonight. Sweet little nugget was still so sleepy.

And this casserole turned out perfectly! This was from a recipe Grandmommie saw in a magazine, and thought we would like, so she copied out the recipe and mailed it to me, back in the beginning of the year. I saved the notebook paper she wrote it on, knowing we’d want to make it again. But it takes an hour to bake, and that’s just too long on a weeknight after work/school. But it was perfect for a day at home like today, and it was so warm and yummy and comforting, and basically like chicken pot pie, but with biscuits instead of pie shells. (And strangely, I don’t usually like pie shells, so obviously the biscuits are preferable for me.) I found this recipe online, that’s most similar to the one I made tonight.

I also did a super simple side salad with the casserole, and loved this new homemade French dressing my Aunt Suzanne gave us as part of our Christmas gift. It’s so good!

Since Addison wasn’t feeling good, and didn’t really want to eat, her and Jeff never made it to the dinner table. But Emmie, the boys and I had a nice dinner together, and Jeff ate eventually, once I could cuddle up and hold Addie while he ate.

Both girls are asleep now, and unfortunately I’ve got to go back to work again tomorrow. The guys did bring some popcorn home from the theater earlier today though, so I’ll have some of that while we watch some tv, and then read a little bit before bedtime. Trying to finish up two more books before the end of the year, which will put me one book over my annual reading goal.

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