Christmas Day 2023

We’ve had a very busy, but very great Christmas day! And with the of the four kids not only looking at the camera, but also smiling, I’ll call that a win! Especially at 7:30am.

We had a nice time opening presents at home with our little family of six, for a quiet-ish morning before the real chaos began.

Then of course next up was a delicious breakfast at Grammy’s house with the full family. Grandmother’s Christmas pie is one of my very favorite things in the world, and I always make sure to get a piece of that, and then finish up whatever bites the little girls don’t finish 😉

And breakfast was followed by presents, obviously!

And everyone got new dress-up costumes!

After Grammy’s house, we went over to Nana’s house, where I unsuccessfully attempted to get Addison to take a nap for over an hour. So that was unfortunate… but then after some play time, it was actually dinner time. Nana made a homemade lasagna, and it was so delicious. Emmie and I also put together a simple side salad, and we had some buttered toasted bread.

Gabe and Emerson were both wearing Christmas-themed Buccee’s shirts with cute little beavers today.

And wouldn’t you know it, but we had more presents to open again after dinner.

You can see in her eyes how tired this little monkey was by this point, even though it was only 6:30 or so. But that’s what happens on a busy holiday when you skip nap time!

Since we ate pretty early,and then opened gifts for a while, Emerson needed a second dinner afterwards. So she had some butter noodles, while we all watched Charlie Brown Christmas together.

The girls were both cozy in some new jammies they got today, and we headed home to get to bed on time. It didn’t take long at all before they were both snuggled up and ready for bed. I’m currently wearing a new sweater Nana got me while I write this, and it legitimately feels like I’m wearing the coziest knitted blanket. It’s super warm, and I’m definitely gonna be wearing this thing every night from now on.

Happy Christmas, friends and family! I hope you all enjoyed your day, and that you get some rest tomorrow 😉

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