Shopping Trip

Today was full of lots of good things, even in the midst of still feeling sad from yesterday. My parents are back in town finally for one thing, and we spent some time with them after breakfast this morning at their house. Emerson was very excited to see Grammy & Pepaw, and very excited to play with all the new IKEA cups, bowls & plates, and tear up a few napkins.

Then while Emerson napped, I got the living room, kitchen, & dining room all clean today, and that always makes me feel better about life.

Then the best part of the day was a shopping trip with my mama & sister! We first started at TJ Maxx, got DD iced coffees for the big girls & 1 tiny glazed Munchkin for the baby girl, and then went to Walmart. Emmie was exhausted after that, so her & I went home, and they went on to Ross.

But we had a really nice time while we were together! I’m so thankful for the great relationship the three of us have together. I can only hope & pray that one day I can have this kind of relationship with my own baby daughter!

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