Father’s Day

This morning started off sweet, when Emerson gave Daddy a book for her father’s day gift. Then she had strawberries and peach Cheerios for her breakfast before church.

Today at church, we got to see Natalie & Charlie Anne! Back story – my mama & her mama Mrs. Nancy have been friends since Natalie and I were little girls. Then Natalie and I cheered together in high school, our families all attended the same church and were all friends, and we’ve just been close for a long time! Then last summer, we both had baby girls just just a few weeks apart. They don’t live here in town though, so this is the first time we’ve seen each other in over a year. It was so good to see them, and have the babies meet each other! Natalie, I wish y’all lived here in Tally, but it was so good to see you!

In the nursery, Emmie made this cute little craft for another gift for Daddy. It’s just so precious!

After church, Emerson fell asleep in her seat the second the car started moving. She just plays so hard during church! Then we had lunch with Jeff’s parents for Father’s day!

We came home for a little while in the afternoon for naps all around, and then headed to my parents house for Father’s Day celebration numero dos.

I have been blessed with some pretty great fathers and father figures in my life: my papa, my Granddaddy, my uncle and my father-in-law. And now this last year I’ve gotten to watch my husband be an amazing father to our baby girl! Emerson and I are lucky girls with all these loving, Godly men around us!

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