Finding the Good Things on a Hard Day

Well today turned out to be a pretty rough day. Some family of mine got some bad news, that left us all hurting. In addition to that, today would have also been my grandparents 60th anniversary, if my Granddaddy hadn’t passed away in 2016, so that is sad too. There were definitely still good parts about today though, and since this blog is a place to journal all the good times, I still want to highlight those good things from today.

The morning started out with a Daddy-Daughter breakfast at daycare to celebrate Father’s Day!

Then my boss-co-worker-friend Tammy and I got pizza for lunch.

Then Emerson and I went to Trader Joe’s to grab snacks & treats for a surprise for my family who needed some extra TLC today. We dropped it off at their house, and spent just a little bit giving loves and hugs to try to brighten their day a little bit.

Then when were heading home, Daddy was getting our dinner ready. We had a repeat Trader Joe’s Chinese Food Feast, and it was again all so delicious!

And since I’m still feeling sad & hurting for my family, I want to ask y’all to say a prayer for us please. This is just one of those times where it’s impossible to understand God’s plan, no matter how hard we try. We know what we want, but we just don’t see what God is doing, and how it fits in His plan, even when it doesn’t line up with ours. It’s not me specifically (even though my heart does hurt), but it’s not my info to share so I’m gonna keep it private. But if you pray for my family, I feel confident God will know just exactly the situation. Thanks friends.

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