Salad Spinner

Today was picture day at Gilchrist, so Emerson was looking especially cute in a special school-supply-themed dress. And of course she had to pair it with a cute matching choker too. And Addison was also wearing a cute new Little Mermaid dress today.

Cutie little Addie, doing some crafts and play time with her friends at school.

Finally started breaking out the new things we got at IKEA a couple of weeks ago. Like this salad spinner. I’d been wanting one of these for a long time. I had one on my Amazon wish list, but it was like $30 on Amazon, but we finally got it for $7 at IKEA! I also grabbed a hot pad and a couple of dish towels, that are cute fruits.

After spinning my lettuce, and baking some chicken nuggets, I made that into chicken Caesar salad wraps for Jeff and I, and just left everything “deconstructed” for the girls.

Addie had to sit in Daddy’s lap for the whole meal, but she did actually eat pretty well, which is still a gamble with her sometimes.

After dinner, both girls just stayed at, or on top of, the dinner table, coloring for like 20 minutes. We also did a video call with Aunt Meggie, Uncle Bo and the trips while they were still coloring.

By the time we finished our video call and the coloring, it was time to get ready for bed. We got both girls in their jammies, and then watched an episode of Bluey, but both of them were very sleepy. Addie was yawning and rubbing her eyes after just the one, seven-minute episode, and Emmie was ready and willing to head back to bed after it was over too.

Got a few plates and dishes to wash from dinner last night and tonight, but first I gotta put away all the clean stuff I washed yesterday…

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