Rainstorm Anxiety

Ok first of all, this teeny tiny future voter went to the polls with me this morning. She took her voter guide with her and everything!

Then we got to daycare just in time for breakfast – cheese grits & oranges!

My sister sent me these next 2 photos from art time this afternoon…

And her teacher sent me this one of her & all her friends just hanging out for story time.

When we were trying to leave today, Emmie didn’t want to leave Aunt Meggie, so instead she bribed/distracted her with an applesauce squeeze pouch for a snack, & carried her to my car.

And then that’s when my anxiety kicked in. I know I’ve mentioned before that I normally take the interstate to & from daycare to home every day, except not when it’s raining. Well today it was sprinkling when I left work, and really coming down by the time I left daycare. So I chose to drive through the center of town to avoid the interstate. But even that made me super anxious tonight.

I’ve always had a bit of anxiety about driving in the rain, and especially at night, but these past two years (since I found out I was pregnant), it’s gotten much worse. I mean, of course before, I was worried about myself or other passengers with me. But now that I have a child, I’m so much more nervous about the whole situation. I just know that if anything ever happened to her, my heart would literally break, especially if it we’re my fault while driving.

So anyways, I had the wipers on almost full blast, the radio was off, my hands were in the 10 & 2 positions, and I was leaning up torwards the steering wheel. I never got above 30mph (even if the speed limit was higher), and drove so super carefully. I was “praying without ceasing,” murmuring “Lord keep us safe,” about a million times on my extended 30-minute drive (usually takes about 23 minutes). And then a car almost pulled out in front of me, only 100 yards from home, and my heart skipped a few beats.

It was so comforting when our house came into view with the carport light on, looking so warm & inviting, Jeff’s car already there in his spot, and him coming down the steps to help us get inside.

Do any of y’all have anxiety like this?? (By the way, photo below taken at a red light.)

So moving on, when we sit down to dinner and say “let’s pray,” Emerson claps her hands together like this! It’s so precious!

And she still tucks ber little toes into the front of her tray while she eats.

She found this from where I swiffered up Pretzel’s middle-of-the-night bathroom accident this morning, and started pushing it around the house. Eventually, we put one of the dry cloths on it, and let her help clean up a bit!

Then the three of us had lots of fun & play time.

And for another throwback just for fun, these were Emerson’s fall photos from last year! Sooo widdle! And Aunt Megan always gets to jump in for a photo too. We just got this year’s (well, I have seen them but haven’t paid for them yet), so I’ll share those before the end of the week too.

After play time earlier, Emerson was ready for milk & bed time. I then got all the dishes washed, while Jeff folded some clean laundry. Glad to be safe & sound (and dry!), in our cozy home tonight.

Also, happy anniversary to my parents!

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