Rainbow Through the Raindrops

Megan and I got to school at the same time this morning, and when I tell you Ellie was excited to see Baby Addison, that is an understatement! Riley was of course super excited too. (Kensley was already at church for her special day at camp with her Daddy.)

The last day of Emerson’s ballet camp was today, and so she just had to wear a tutu to school today, which was obviously adorable.

I saw this beautiful rainbow on the way to work. I already had my phone in my hand (I was on a phone call with Meg), so I quickly clicked over to the camera, and love the rainbow through the raindrops on the windshield!

Remember a few weeks ago when Walmart accidentally gave us the entire wrong grocery order? Well, this personal-sized veggie lasagna was in it, so I took it for lunch today. And it was surprisingly delicious! I’d actually order this again, on purpose!

Getting back into the routine of picking out a record at dinner, tonight was Dean Martin, which really complimented our hot dogs nicely 😉

Baby Sister Addie sucked down her whole bottle, and then sat around staring at all of us and all around the room, for a full hour. Then she started chewing on her hands again, seemingly hungry, so we fixed her another little bottle, and she sucked that down too. And after that, she fell asleep really easily, and has been snoozing away ever since.

Emmie chose to read the “Olivia” book, and so we had to dig out the stuffed piggy. She hasn’t been very good with bedtime tonight, sweet, yes. But she keeps getting out of bed, coming in here for silly things like, “I need you to brush my hair,” and “My toes keep getting out of the blanket.”

I’m hoping she’s finally done with all that hoopla now tonight, and she’ll finally fall asleep. Jeff just got out of the shower, and I’m going to go wash up the dishes and bottles now, before heading off to bed.



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