Rainbow Party

Both of my girls looked absolutely beautiful, for a cool morning, and a lovely day at church!

I actually bought this dress for Emerson years ago, for like $8 at Ross. I loved it, and couldn’t wait for her to grow into it and wear it one day. And she looked so adorable and fancy in it today!

And Addison wore one of Emerson’s old fancy hand-me-downs, a Ralph Lauren dress my parents got from the outlets on one of our little quick trips to Destin, back when Emmie was this exact same age!

We had lunch at home, and then put Emerson down for her nap. Jeff fed Addison while I tidied up around the living room, but then as he was holding her, he fell asleep in the recliner. Addie didn’t want to fall asleep, but I was struggling to keep my eyes open, so I loaded her up and went to get myself an iced latte from the nearest coffee shop. It was a great treat, and super delicious. I got the Kitsune’s Caramel, with added Splenda because I like it sweet, and I loved it.

After I got back home, I had to wake up both Jeff and Emerson, and then we loaded up and headed to the Southwood playground, for Emmie’s friend Maddie’s birthday party.

She had to be showered off once we got home, and she chose to put on some mis-matched jammies after that. I gave her a mani-pedi with the tiny nail polish she got in the goody bag from Elly’s birthday a couple of weeks ago, while we watched tv together and Jeff gave Addie a bottle.

I made a super quick run around our side of town doing errands (CVS, Publix, the Oriental Market, and Long Garden), getting prescriptions, random Japanese condiments (story later…), Thai style tuna, and Chinese take-out for dinner.

As I was changing Addison into her jammies, Emerson said she would set up a “play spot” for her so we could hang out in Addie’s room. She put out a few toys, her stuffed unicorn, and a book, and then entertained her with it all for a while. It was the sweetest thing.

I folded and put away a bunch of Addie’s clean laundry, and laid out all of her outfits for the week. I didn’t fold Emmie’s, but I laid out just one outfit for her for tomorrow, and we’ll handle all the rest of it as we go…

Emmie grabbed a Gogurt, went potty, and then picked a book for the night. We went through her bedtime routine, and she was sweet and silly, but then decided she needed to change clothes because she was too hot (which I warned her before that she would be, but didn’t believe me then of course).

Addie had fallen asleep in Daddy’s arms, so I grabbed her and snuggled her on my chest for a little bit, before putting her down here to rest, until time to feed her again.

Some of you may have seen a girl go viral on TikTok this week, making this salmon & rice dish, with soy sauce, Sriracha and this Kewpie mayo from Japan. I’ve seen it multiple times and I just can’t stop thinking about it, and have been dying to try it. I saw someone suggest trying it with this Thai style tuna, so I grabbed the mayo from the Oriental Market (along with those other two things) and the tuna and rice and seaweed from Publix, and I’m gonna give it a go for my lunch tomorrow. And I’m so excited to try!

Jeff just started feeding Addison, but once he’s done and I finish this post, I’m going to grab her back and love on her for a while, until she’s ready to lay down. It’s been an incredibly fun, busy, tiring weekend, and I’m more than ready to go to sleep, SOON!




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