A few weeks back, Grammy ordered all the little girls a few new dresses. Some of them were all different, but all five of them got this one. Meg an I planned a day for all of them to wear them together to church, and can you even handle the cuteness of these five all matching together like this?! So cute, might as well be quintuplets! 🙂

Today was my first day serving in the preschool room during church, and it was actually so much fun! We did a Bible story video, and lots of worship and dance songs, and lots of play time together too. As you can see, I was in the triplets’ room, and they loved having me in there. One of the other little friends also started calling me “Hay-Hay” like the trippies too, and I thought that was so cute and funny.

We got Whataburger drive-thru for lunch on the drive home from church, and then ate at the dining room table. As I was cleaning up and throwing everything away, I heard the Emmie talking, pointing and and identifying family members, like Grandmommie and Granddaddy. When I turned around, they had pulled out the photo album that Grammy made before Emmie’s open-heart surgery, and they were looking at all the photos together. And oh my word, it was just the sweetest thing.

Then of course it was time for an afternoon nap, for all of us. Emmie fell asleep very quickly and easily, and Addie was so cute flopped over on Daddy’s arm. Jeff went and laid down in the bed, and I read for about 15 minutes, until my eyes were too heavy to hold open, and I just snuggled down on the couch for a little nap too.

Tonight we had Connect Groups at church, with pizza and salad dinner before-hand.After eating pizza, Addie was like, “I want lettuce!” So we got some more salad, and she just grabbed pieces off my plate to her little hearts’ content!

Our parenting connect group was great tonight, and the girls had fun playing with their friends for a little while. We got started on bedtime as soon as we got home, and realized Emerson had some homework she was supposed to have done over the weekend. I helped her with that (and loved the way she showed me they do “skip counting,” see video for that), and then I read her a book. But she also wanted to read me a book, so she found a cute little matching safari book, and was very happy about it.


Both girls were a bit wired up at bedtime, and fighting sleep pretty hard. So tonight, Jeff cuddled up with Addie on the couch for about an hour, while I curled up in bed with Emmie for an hour as well. They did both eventually give in and fall asleep, but they fought valiantly. Jeff went to bed early again tonight (he fell asleep cuddling the girls), but I’m currently roasting a few heads of garlic while writing this post (and watching “Virgin River”) and it smells incredible in the house. I’ve got some dishes to wash, so I’ll get that done before the garlic finishes, and then read a little before bedtime.

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