Postpartum Glucose Test

My big girl was in a good mod as usual, but tried to tell me she couldn’t wear her little biker shorts under her dress today because they were “too snug.” I told her that’s how they were supposed to be, and although she still wasn’t thrilled with it, she did keep them on 🙂

So I actually dropped Emmie off at school today, and then headed right next door to the newest CHP location, for some bloodwork. I had to go back for a postpartum glucose test, to make sure my gestational diabetes was in fact all gone. I had to fast and then get my first sample taken, then chug that gross sugar-water stuff (which always makes me nauseous), then get my blood taken every 30 minutes for 2 hours. So I had lots of time to start a new Kindle book and sit in the lobby. I won’t get the results for about a week or so, but I’m praying everything is all cleared up for real now!

I had to make a quick stop at Publix on my way home (I wasn’t prepared for how much toilet paper we would go through in our house, with five people here all day every day for weeks…), and then finally got home a little after 11am, where I stuffed myself with a sandwich for lunch, and then got to hang out with my baby girl, who I had missed so much in just those few hours!


It took a while to get her to sleep this afternoon, so once I got her laid down, I just stayed in her room reading to make sure she stayed asleep.

Looks like Emerson got to do a couple different craft projects today, and she told me all about how they matched her nails.

Jeff’s mom came to pick up the boys after she got off work today, for them to leave to go to the beach tomorrow. Much of the Pullen clan is going to PCB for the long weekend, and the boys are going with Jeff’s parents tomorrow. Then Jeff and I will bring the girls on Saturday to meet up with the rest of the crew. So tonight, it was just three of us for dinner. I made sloppy joes and just heated up some leftover sides to go with it.

We cuddled after dinner and watched some of The Incredibles, and then got Emmie ready for bed. She did much better tonight than she has the last few nights, and things went really easily.

Addie was all worked up tonight, and it took quite some time to get her calmed down and to sleep finally. I’ve started making some lists of the things we need to pack for our beach weekend, so I might start seeing what I can pull together quickly tonight, and finish the rest during the day tomorrow.

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