Pool Day Play Date

These two girls were super sweet and smiley first thing this morning. I made some cinnamon rolls for breakfast for us all, and we just took it slow for an hour or two…

Then we all got our swimsuits on and drove across town to the Southwood pool, for Emerson to have a play date with her bestie Maddie, who moved schools recently. We stayed there playing and swimming and chatting for over three hours, and these tiny sweet girls had a blast!

Addie fell asleep in my arms while Allie and I chatted on the pool chairs for about 30 minutes, and then once she woke up, we put her swim suit on too, and got her in the pool too! We forgot to bring a float with a shade, so even though she had sunscreen on, I tried to keep her in the shade of my own body, and then we only kept her in for a bout 10 minutes. But it was her first time in the pool, and I think she really loved it!

We stayed longer than we thought we would, but they were having so much fun, and it was hard to get them out of the water, and harder still to pull them away from each other. On our way back home though, we stopped at a roadside BBQ stand for some takeout, and it was surprisingly good. Jeff chose and ordered for us while I stayed in the car with the girls, then I hopped out just to grab some photos.

We took it back home, and look at this! That turkey leg was crazy good, and full of all sorts of good flavors. The baked beans were really sweet and some of my favorite ever, plus that potato salad was delish too. But the real star were those unassuming ribs – they were amazing!

Emmie went straight down for a nap after lunch, then I got Addie in the bath to wash the sunscreen off.

And even though she played super hard this morning, and had a really late nap, it ended up only being 45 minutes, before she was awake again and ready to play more. So she grabbed her Kindle and had a little more quiet time.

Across the room, Daddy had fed Addison a bottle after her bath, and she immediately fell asleep on his shoulder. And then he fell asleep just a few minutes after that.

As usual, Emerson was dying to go out and ride her bicycle, despite the torturous heat, so I sat in my usual beach chair in the carport with a giant cup of ice water, while she rode circles around and around for like, 30 minutes.

Nana came by to pick up her doggie now that they’re back in town, so she stayed to hang out for a little while to love on both girls, before she had to head back out.

We left shortly after she did to head out for some dinner. We planned to go to Pancho’s for some tacos (our typical fave), but all the college kids are back in town, and our side of town was nuts and Emerson was asking 70 trillion questions (about everything under the sun) and Addison was crying (she was starting to get hungry) and we could barely get in the parking lot (it’s tiny to start with and it was full of college kids who can’t drive). So we ended up changing course and just did Taco Bell drive-thru and went back home to escape the chaos.

Strangely, our power had gone out right before we left for dinner, and it was still off when we got back. Luckily there was plenty of light from the dining room windows for us to eat dinner.

But then Emmie took a quick shower while I held a flashlight in there so she wouldn’t be scared. The power was still not back on, so we both played on our Kindles for a little bit, and then while we sat there, the power came back on, after almost two hours of randomly going off.

So once the power came back on, we started getting Emerson ready for bed with her usual routine, and she did pretty good, although she did try to tell me she wasn’t tired…

Baby Sister was fighting sleep too tonight, even though Jeff and I had both taken turns cuddling and rocking her, she was still in & out of full sleep. So I decided to just lay her down and swaddle her up, and see if she would fall asleep on her own.

And it worked! Little Girl is sleeping soundly now, and all is calm and quiet. Jeff was able to take a nap for a while this afternoon, but I didn’t, so I’m super tired tonight. I’m going to paint my nails really quickly, and then head off to bed soon.

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