Cheesesteaks & Boiled Peanuts

My sweet little girl insists on wearing a sweater to church, even in the absolute hottest month of the year, because “it’s cold as ice” in her Sunday School room. She’s destine to be a tiny Kathleen Kelly her whole life 🙂

I brought her a tiny sausage roll from our Sunday school class today (it was sausage wrapped in filo dough and baked, and delicious!), and she loved it. She got upset in the middle of the service, like 30 minutes later, when she wanted another one but I didn’t have any more…

Other wise, she did pretty well in church again today, as long as she was entertained by the bag of goodies she brought herself, and the stuff Grammy brought for her too.

We were talking after church about where to eat lunch, and Emerson said, “I want fish!” So we went to The Wharf! I was so excited to eat my mahi mahi Mediterranean tacos, I didn’t even take a single picture, until we were all done and back outside. This is Uncle Keith and Emerson both “screaming like a girl” super loud and silly, and then laughing like crazy.

She wanted me to take a few more pictures of her when we got home, and of course I was happy to oblige.

After getting Emerson changed and laid down for her nap time, I took a few photos of Addison in her beautiful purple Sunday dress, and she was just as happy as a clam!

I changed her into a comfier, Sunday-afternoon outfit, and then Jeff fed her a bottle and burped her, while I did a quick tidy up around the living room & dining room.

Emerson only napped for about an hour, but once she was awake, she curled up next to me watching Daniel Tiger on her Kindle, while I folded a load of Addie’s clean laundry. Then after getting it all put away, I made myself some coffee and sat back down to relax next to Emmie again.

Addie had been getting a little fussy, but it’s because she was tired, and I just couldn’t get her to chill. I decided to strap her into her swing with a paci and a blankie, then turned on the vibrate and the lullaby music, and she quickly quit fussing, and finally fell asleep! Then Emmie and I colored together in her special “stained glass window” coloring book. While we were coloring she told me, “Sharing is caring and work together.”

She then retreated to her princess castle with her art kit for a bit, while I fed Addison another bottle after she woke up.

And then we went out for dinner. On our car ride there, Emerson told us, “I do all the music ’cause I’m a singer girl and a gymnastic girl.”

Max’s Steaks-Shakes-Fries was celebrating their 1st anniversary, with $1 Cheesesteak sandwiches. We went down there hoping it wasn’t too crazy with all the college kids so close by, and we actually got there at a perfect time where we just walked right up to the counter to order, and then like 5 or 6 people came in right after us. And this was delicious, of course. They made Emerson the most amazing, cheesiest grilled cheese sandwich too, which she also loved.

It was super hot inside the restaurant though, and Addie was getting hot and fussy in her stroller, so we went outside where it was actually more comfortable, and breezier, for Emmie to finish up the last of her sammich and for us to just enjoy the breeze.

Our sweet little Pretzel boy!

I gave both girls another bath tonight after we got home (Addie’s head actually still smelt like sunscreen from yesterday, and Emmie was all sweaty from dinner), and then they both got in clean jammies and Emmie had an ice cream sandwich for “bassert” while Jeff fed Addie another bottle.

I read Emmie her bedtime story, and then got her laid down for sleep, then Jeff went in for his part of the “routine.”

In the midst of all of that, I actually put on a pot of boiled peanuts. One of my work friends’ husband farms peanuts, and she brought me a bag fresh from the farm, for me to boil. They have been boiling for about an hour and a half now, so by the time I finish this post, they should be ready for our evening snack! 🙂 This is the first time I’ve ever done this myself, so hopefully they turn out good. Emerson had been watching me put the peanuts on and I talked her through it all, then when I was putting her to sleep she said, “when I wake up, can you give me some of those boiled things?”

After getting Emerson to bed, I got Addison swaddled and Boppied, and turned on her sound machine. Then I went to go wash up some dishes and bottles, and by the time I finished with that, she was sound asleep! It’s incredible that the running water and all my clinking and clanging actually puts her to sleep, but I love that.

Addie will be going back to school tomorrow, after being in quarantine for the past 10 days. She’s already gotten her negative covid results the other day, so we’re all good to go now. I’ve packed up a few of our usual things already, so we’re halfway ready for tomorrow morning.

Now, time to go test out those boiled peanuts!

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