Peanuts & Praise Team

My two beautiful, blue-eyed girls, both wide-eyed and ready for another day at school! Emerson was actually dying to go to school this morning. We had gotten ready a little bit early today, and were just killing time before we had to leave home, and she was whining like, “Can we pleeeeease go to school now?!” I love that she loves her school! Today was Junior Gym day though, so I’m sure that had something to do with it!

Would you just look at this eyeballs!! I can’t handle it! I can’t believe I ended up with two little blonde hair, blue eye baby girls. I love it!

And of course both girls had a good day at school today, as usual!

I picked up both girls after school as usual, and Jeff met us up at Five Guys for dinner. Emmie tried peanuts again for the second time in her life, and unlike the first time, she loved them, and couldn’t get enough of them! And Daddy had to take a break, mid-burger, to feed the tiny girl, who was also in need of some dinner.

This girl is just so pretty! The blue eyes! The swoopy blonde hair! Gah!

Then Jeff took both girls back home (I think this was his first time alone with both of them?), and I headed up to the church for praise team rehearsal. I took a few months off while on maternity leave, but I was excited to get back in the monthly rotation tonight! I got there a little too late to join choir practice, but too early for praise team, so I sat in the car for about 15 minutes reading my current Kindle library book, The Radium Girls, which is super interesting.

It’s a biography about these girls in the 1920-1930’s who unknowingly ingested poisonous, fatal radium while painting luminous paint on watch face dials, and their fight to figure out why they were getting so seriously ill and dying, and fighting the company responsible. It’s also been turned into a movie and is on Netflix, so I’ll be watching that this weekend once I finish the book, which I’m almost halfway through now.

But it was so good being back at praise team rehearsal tonight! I got to sing with my favorite praise team partners (Hi, Bart & Jen!), and chat and goof around with them a bit. I missed being in church and I missed singing, and I really enjoyed that one short hour tonight. I missed my girls, but I could have stayed to sing for another hour!

Jeff did good at home with the girls, and although he wasn’t able to get Emmie to bed, he did feed Addison again, and get her to sleep, so she just needed to be swaddled and laid down when I got home. I took Emmie back to her room, and we did a lullaby and prayers, and then she was good to go!

Jeff’s super tired tonight, so he’s going to bed early. So that means I’m going to grab a quick snack, and curl up on the couch with my fave blankie to watch an episode (or maybe two if I’m feeling crazy) of the newest season of Virgin River.


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