Manic Monday

Well, after a week of vacation, we went back to work on our regular schedule today. Emmie did great at drop-off this morning like usual, and was ready to play with her friends and teachers!

We got more of these delicious yogurts at the grocery store last night, and I had this one for breakfast today. This was the only new flavor we got (I think?), so I’ll stop updating y’all on my daily yogurt flavors now.

And then I didn’t take any more pictures until 7pm! I worked like crazy today catching up on emails and stuff that needed immediate attention. Then around 1pm, they announced all schools would be closed due to Hurricane Michael for the rest of the week. So I made some quick, temporary arrangements for Emmie for tomorrow morning, and just waited to find out about State offices. Finally around 5:25pm, the announced all State offices would be closed Tuesday through Thursday. So now we have the next 3 days off! I mean, it won’t be a picnic, with this terrible storm threatening hit us practically head on as a Category 3, but we’ll see how it all shakes out.

I went to a few gas stations before finally finding one with gas, and then waited in line for about 15 minutes before being able to fill up. Jeff and my parents also tried a few, and we’re able to successfully fill up as well, but a lot of stations around town are already completely out of gas!

Then we had our first ever bathtub poop tonight! She farted first, then 20 seconds later I heard something plop! She finished up, and I moved her away from it, while yelling for Jeff to come help! He scooped her up & held her wrapped in a towel, while I drained the tub, removed the baby poop, cleaned the tub, and refilled it.

We’re doing a bit of hurricane prep tonight, and Jeff is even heading back out to Walmart later for some more supplies. Hopefully it won’t be too, too crazy, and he’ll be able to find things we need, like batteries and an extra box fan. Fingers crossed.

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