Magnolia Blossoms

Adorable little matching leopard sisters this morning, ready to take on another week of school.


Look at my super cute little sister, with her super cute baby bump. My nephew (sounds so weird after all these nieces!) is doing great and growing very well, and they’re well over halfway now!

We found some beautiful magnolia blossoms on the tree right by where I parked the car for pick-up at daycare this afternoon. And it just so happens they match my fingernail wraps perfectly! I chose these wraps a few months back because I knew they would be perfect for spring, so I was saving them. I put them on this past weekend, and actually took different pictures at my office to share earlier today, but then I had to re-do them because they were so perfect with the real thing!

The little girls wanted a picture with the magnolia blossoms as well.

And then we had to go back inside for the girls to use the bathroom before driving home, and Emerson found this set-up for their spring pictures this week, and she wanted me to take her picture here before we left.

I made some  sloppy joes and sides really quickly for dinner tonight, and then we got everything set up to eat dinner on the back patio, as is our usual custom these days. (I’ve been watching “Bridgerton,” and I think it made the last bit of that sentence come out a bit more formal than usual 😆 )

He girls were ultra silly and we stayed outside letting them run around and play for a long time.

I was also wearing one of my cheetah print dresses today, so even though it wasn’t the exact same like the girls’ dresses, we were all coordinated.

After letting the girls run around for far longer than we probably should have, we finally got them dressed and ready for bed. Then Emmie was trying to get a snack out of the freezer (she likes to freeze her gogurts) and a mason jar of frozen orange juice fell on her head and the glass busted in the kitchen. It was quite the drama trying to get the glass cleaned up, and get Emmie to safety, and keep Addie from walking through it. And then suddenly the doorbell rang! And we never get random visitors like that, so it was so strange. But it was a random salesperson, so we just ignored him and took care of the girls.

We definitely needed some down time and snuggles and loves for everyone to feel better, so we watched a Bluey episode or two to help us calm down. That was followed by our normal routines, in which both girls were asleep very quick and easy, after running around the backyard for a long time and staying up later than usual.

I’m going to go wash up a ton of dishes while listening to my audio book, and get things cleaned up before settling down for the night.

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