National Parks Project

Emerson’s project for her gifted class on a National Park of her choosing was due today. She created this cute little brochure about Arches National Park, complete with facts, information, a hand-drawn map, and a hand-drawn “picture gallery.” She did such a great job!

She also chose this shirt today, because she thought it looked like it could be a national park with the mountains, and she liked that it said “Inspired by nature.” She also chose to wear her denim jacket, because she thought it looked a little bit like a park ranger uniform. They were also allowed to bring in a stuffed animal if it was something native to their park, so she was proud she found this little beanie baby snake to bring, so cute wrapped around her arm.

And in this last picture, Addison was being a silly little snake, like the one on big sister’s arm.

When I picked up the girls after school, Addison was actually having a rough afternoon, mad at me because I made her sit down in her car seat (heaven forbid!). She was reaching over to Emmie while I was just trying to buckle her in, so they held hands for half of the ride home while Addie recovered from her great trauma 🤣

Taquitos, yellow rice and seasoned black beans with chips & salsa & queso for dinner, out on the back porch, hoping it wouldn’t start raining before we finished eating.

All of Addie’s whining and complaining finally cleared up, once we got some food into her. she ate all of her rice & beans and asked for more. Apparently, she was just terribly hangry!

We of course stayed outside with the girls playing and running wild for about 20 more minutes, while Jeff and I tried to have a conversation about work and promotional opportunities and all sorts of crazy things going on – all while getting interrupted every 45 seconds, or having to put a 2-minute timer on who’s turn it was to run around waving the American flag from their playhouse…

So then once we got them calmed down and back inside after cleaning up the back patio table, they were very sweetly cuddling together, watching Bluey before bedtime.

I need to go put away the leftovers from dinner (after baking more taquitos to go with the extra rice & beans we still had), and then just clean up the kitchen a little bit…

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