Library Books & Bath Smiles

Happy, big sister kitty girl, and sleepy baby sister squishy girl, both all ready for school this morning!

On my lunch break, I went to the library for the first time since March 2020, which was weird. Things were different in there, and in new places, and they have fancy new self check-out stations. I grabbed the one book I had on hold, and picked up two other randoms from one of those displays, so we’ll see how those are! (Actually, I’ve already read all of the Miss Peregrine series, but didn’t realize a new one came out last year, and just happened t notice this next one there today.)

Both girls had a good day at school, napped well, and ate well, and Emmie played with her sweet friends.

Another super easy dinner tonight, but it was delicious, and all of us cleaned our plates, and there was still enough for me to have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Jeff took care of Addie while Emmie and I ate dinner…

Then Jeff ate dinner while I got both girls in the bathtub. And you can see from this progression of photos, how much Addison loves the bath! Her smiles just get bigger and bigger!



She loves to see her messy hair after I towel-dry it.

And I love to see her hair all brushed and pretty!

After getting Emmie in bed and doing our usual bedtime routine, it was time to get Addie ready for sleep. I laid her on her Boppy and chatted with her for a few minutes, then swaddled her and left her to just hang out… And then while I spent about 15 minutes washing dishes and bottles, and this girl fell asleep! (I mean, I know her eyes are barely peeking open in that picture, but she’s mostly asleep, so that counts.)

I think Jeff and I are on the last episode of “Loki,” which we’ve really liked so far, and are eager to finish. Wish there were more than just six episodes, because that went by so fast.


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