Let’s Go Fly A Kite

Early morning crazy bed-head and pound cake for breakfast 🙂

Then she was looking beautiful and fancy and ready to head to church!

The tiny baby nugget slept on her Boppy from 9:30am – 12:30pm, and it was so weird to have so much free time! I showered, and did my nails (well, cleaned & trimmed), and made breakfast, and watched church online, and then watched part of a movie on Netflix.

She was just the stretchy-est little thing when I finally freed her from her swaddle!

Jeff and the boys brought lunch home for me after church, and Emmie went with Grammy to lunch and then her house for the afternoon. Papa bought her a new Elsa kite, she played for a while, and then she took a nice long nap cuddled up with Grammy on her bed.



And then when she woke up, she requested ice cream for her afternoon snack, so of course Grammy let her have it!

Meanwhile back at our house, Daddy and Addison had some very sweet cuddles after she finished her bottle, and he got her back to sleep again after hanging out for a while.

We re-swaddled her, and re-cuddled her, and then laid her down in her crib in her room. Yesterday, we finally put a monitor in her room, and Jeff also installed a Wyze camera in her room too. So with the new camera and monitor, today was the first day that we just left there by herself, and I didn’t feel the need to sit in her room or come back and peek in every 10 minutes. I actually laid down to take a nap myself while she slept, even though I did still have a little bit of anxiety, and kept the camera pulled up on my phone pretty much the whole hour that I fitfully napped.

Since I wasn’t napping very well, I just went ahead and got up, and ran to Walmart to pick up our grocery order, while Jeff stayed home to take care of Addison. There were some serious gray clouds out there, and I was hoping to get home before the floodgates opened.

After getting the groceries home just in the nick of time, I got all the cold stuff put away, and I got some chicken and seasonings and such thrown in the Instant Pot for dinner. And then Emerson was finally “ready” to come home to Mommy! But when I got there to pick her up, I actually picked up a tiny super hero!

We got back home and finished up dinner, which was super easy. I made Instant Pot “crack chicken” (sans bacon, cuz I didn’t have any), with some leftovers my Mama sent home with us – “gooey potatoes” and green beans. Also, Nana came over to hang out and have dinner with us tonight, to get some time with all the kids.

I did bedtime with just me and Emmie tonight, and it was really sweet. She was really good and precious although she definitely did some of her usual stall tactics, and kept herself up longer, but she was still sweet about it 🙂

The boys took care of dishes, trash and recycling again tonight, and Jeff has been holding Addison while she sleeps, since Nana left. I’m going to paint my nails really quick, and then head off to bed before my middle-of-the-night-baby-bottle shift later.

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