Grocery Issues

Both girls were still snoozing away this morning, and had to be woken up before school. Addison in particular was very sound asleep. I opened her door, turned on the lamp, and turned off the sound machine, then called her name, and she didn’t stir. So I walked back up front to grab my phone, so I could get a picture of this perfect little sleeping face!

But then we got both girls up and moving, and dressed in adorable new matching outfits for school.

Looks like Addie had a great day at school today!

I put in a Walmart grocery pickup order for tonight at 6pm, and stopped by on our way home from picking up the girls. But when I got there, I couldn’t “check-in” on the app, and it was showing that it was picked up 20 minutes prior. The Walmart associates couldn’t find my order, and claimed that someone had told them my name and picked it up already. So 20 minutes later, with no groceries for tonight or the rest of the week, we went to grab dinner at Firehouse, which was yummy at least.

While we were at dinner, I had been working with Walmart corporate customer service, trying to figure out what to do, since my debit card had already pulled the $109 for groceries, and yet I had no groceries. They were being very unhelpful, and I was getting super frustrated, and their only suggestion was to refute the charge with my bank. Which I did not think was the right way for that to be handled, since their own employees had already admitted they gave it away to the wrong person. But then, the lady from my local store (who was actually very nice) called me saying the person who had taken my order realized it was wrong and was bringing it back, and they could give me my whole order once she returned it.

So after dinner, we headed back to Walmart again, and finally got our groceries, like an hour later… So¬†that was a whole ordeal, but we did get everything I ordered, and then this little cutie helped me bring it all in when we got back home. She kept telling me to give her more and more bags, and more bags, and she was a very sweet helper.



I also just really loved Addie’s cute little fluffy pony tail today that her teacher did for her.

This bacon pizza and bacon Caesar salad was supposed to be our dinner tonight, so I just went ahead and baked it (it took longer to get crispy since it had been un-refrigerated for a little too long, so everything got a little dark), then I portioned out the salad, and now Jeff and I can have this for lunch tomorrow instead.

Addie went to sleep super easily tonight, but Emmie had a bit of a hard time again tonight, mostly because she’s got a kinda rough cough that was bothering her. But we gave her some children’s cough meds, and she’s drifted off to sleep now. Praying both girls can sleep through the night, so that we can sleep through the night as well.

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