Fiesta Lunch

Emerson insisted on wearing this dress today. And although it was a little fancier than her normal school-clothes, and I tried to get her to save it for church, she still looked absolutely beautiful! And sweet little Addison looked adorable as always!

These next three photos we got from Addie’s teachers said, “I like my reflection!”

My Aunt Suzanne, Megan and Mama had a girls’ lunch date at Maria Maria today. We had such a great time together, telling all the stories and being together and eating absolutely delicious food. I knew I wanted to try some new things there today, so I looked at the menu ahead of time, and texted myself my order, so I wouldn’t get flustered at the counter. And my casera-style enchilada and chicken & verde tamal were both so good! I also tried a couple bites of Meg’s chicken alambre, and that was super good too. And I already know which new thing I wanna try next time I go 😉


I had to make a super fast run into Whole Foods for shredded mozzarella cheese after work on my to pick up the girls from school, and I loved this little pumpkin display set up in the hold red wagon.

Last night, we specifically made more chicken than I needed for the soup, so that I could save some of it to make BBQ chicken pizza tonight. It made it super stinking easy, and all I had to do was chop some veggies, put the pizzas together, and then make some salads while the pizza’s baked. I made half of one pizza with no veggies for Emerson, and only my half of the other pizza got cilantro, since Jeff doesn’t like it. And this was absolutely delicious! This was my first time making this, but it’ll definitely be in our regular rotation from now on, because we all loved it.

At lunch today, Grammy gave me a giant cookie for Emerson from Tasty Pastry, and I used it as a bribe to get her to finish all of carrots. I told her she could take the cookie out and look at it, but that she had to finish her carrots before she could eat it, and it totally worked and she ate every tiny bit of the carrots. And then of course she ate every tine bit of the giant cookie too.

Little Squish was tired and fussy at dinner, and just really needed Mommy to hold her while I finished eating my pizza, and then she turned into a happy camper.

Both girls had a bath and I got them all cleaned up and smelling lovely. Emerson of course needed another snack afterwards, so I got her a banana, and her leftover Sprite from a birthday party last weekend. Addison fell asleep while Jeff held her, and I read Emmie a book and started her bedtime routine.

Emmie had another rough night, and freaked out on us, and Jeff ended up having to just lay in the floor in her room for a long time while she slowly fell asleep. I just held onto Addie for a long time, getting all the snuggles, and then finally laid her down in her bed so I could get some chores done and write this blog.

She will need to eat again before we try to go to sleep for the whole night, so if she doesn’t wake up soon, we’ll wake her up in a little bit so we can feed her before our own bedtime.


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