Double Salad Lunch

We only have a few photos today, and not much to report, so this’ll be one of my shortest posts in quite some time… We had a late start this morning, and some hoopla around the house, but we did make it to work and school eventually, just an hour later than  usual…

Emmie’s tiny little mid-drift showing is so funny and sweet and precious, especially with the sweater she got out for herself today.

My typical lunch these days – homemade (or packaged) tuna salad, with a side salad (usually my fave Olive Garden Italian) with some chips or something. Today’s lunch was jazzed up a little with some caprese salad I made the other night, and it was soooo delicious. That’s also one of my very favorite things! I ate that whole thing today, and so I’m considering making some more tonight…I also love that Gardetto’s mix, so really, this was just one of my favorite lunches! (Writing about this tonight has made me want all of it again, and I literally just added all of this to next week’s grocery order again. And I also realize just how much I wrote about my simple little lunch 😉 )

After picking up the girls, I took them to Sonny’s and Jeff met up with us there for dinner.

After dinner, Jeff took the girls on home for the usual routine, and I headed out to church for my monthly rotation for praise team rehearsal.

When I got home, Addison was sound asleep in her bed, but Emerson was wide awake in my bed, next to her snoring Daddy. So I got Emmie in her bed, went through the prayers and lullabies, and got her ready for sleep. I need to wash the bottles, and grab a snack since we ate dinner so early tonight, and then head to bed myself.



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