Cold Brew

Early yesterday morning, I set up our carafe to have cold brew today, since it takes 24 hours to “brew.” We did this a lot last summer when we were both working from home, but it takes planning ahead an entire day, and we often forget, so this is the first time we’ve done it in quite a long time. But since we remembered to do it yesterday, today, we added the Splenda and hazelnut creamer directly to the carafe, and it was delicious!

Baby Sister was snoozing away after her early morning bottle, and Big Sister was ready to go to school sporting her cute dino dress!

And Pretzel was being a fierce protector all morning, sleeping directly next to her the whole time.

Addie and I had a really good day together today, and she ate well and slept well, and was such a sweet nugget.

I laid her down right after noon, and although she woke up when I laid her down, I left her with her sound machine, and watched her on the camera, and she fell back asleep pretty quickly. I had lunch and read my book and then watched some YouTube videos with Jeff during his lunch break. Then I finished up all of last nights dishes (it was all the big items), and had another cup of cold brew coffee (which I sloshed out while swirling around) before Addie woke back up again.

After feeding Addison her bottle, and holding her up for about 45 minutes afterwards, her and I loaded up in the car and ran to Hobby Lobby together. I got a picture frame to save the St. Augustine puzzle that I “worked” and then glued together a couple of weeks ago. Addie was wide awake and looking around for the beginning of our shopping trip, but then she fell asleep and was so sweet during the end. I just slowly took my time and perused and wandered, while baby girl slept. It was also the first time I entered a store un-masked, now that I’m fully vaccinated (and I also forgot my mask anyways), and it was really weird but also nice.

We picked up Emerson from school a little bit early after our shopping trip. I filled up my gas tank, and then we made a quick stop by Grammy’s office for just a few minutes. She was on her way home for the day, so we just had a quick visit in the parking lot without even getting out of the car, but she was glad to see her girls, and Emmie got a bag of chips from her!

At home, Jeff got busy feeding Addie, while I got busy “working” on dinner – which was super fancy hot dogs and a Stouffer’s mac & cheese. And of course everyone (except me, I’m just not a huge fan; I’d rather have cake or cookies) had popsicles for dessert.

I helped Emmie with a bath, and got her all ready for bed (we do lots of things; some of them are: vitamin E oil on her open-heart surgery scar, lavender lotion all over, daily gummy vitamin, Zarbee’s chest rub for her congestion, prescription pink eye drops, cold meds, humidifier, hair brush… and actually that’s mostly all, I think). And then we cuddled on the couch and watched a little bit of Zootopia, before we came back to her room to read her bedtime book and finish up the usual routine with lullaby, prayers, and Jesus Loves Me.

And look at how sweet! She just grabbed my hand like this all on her own while I was reading, and held my hand through the whole book.

She was sweet and did pretty good, but as I’m writing this in the front room (watching the 2020 Christmas special of Call the Midwife on the computer with headphones on), I can hear her having a fit in the living room, so I’m headed out there to see what’s going on, and try to calm her down and get her back to bed.



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