Cold Brew, Playgrounds & Pool Time

Today was a great day, spent with my little family all day, doing pretty much only the things we wanted to (not many chores, only some quick laundry folding & dish-washing), and just hanging around being together. And it was so nice!

We drove down to Gaines Street looking for the Frother’s Daughter coffee truck, but they had put the wrong address on their schedule, and we couldn’t find them, so we ended up at All Saints Cafe instead. It was my first time there, but it was really good! I got a cold brew with amaretto, and it was delish.

And then we went to the playground! Actually, we went to two city playgrounds. We went to Levy Park first, but then the equipment was made mostly for bigger kids, and there wasn’t much shade, so we left…

We dropped off Jeff and Addison at home for her next bottle, and then I took Emmie to the San Luis park, which is right next to our house and she loves it there.



We saw like, 20 turtles swimming around today, and Emmie couldn’t get enough of watching them!

We were on the playground for about 30 minutes, and then walked around to the dog park and the boardwalk for about 30 minutes, and at the end of our hour it was high noon and a billion degrees, but we had a great time together!

When we got back home, we all had sandwiches and chips and salad for lunch, and lots of ice cold water. Then both girls took a nice long mid-day nap.

While the girls were napping, Jeff and I cleaned out the little swimming pool and refilled it, and I decided to jump on in and enjoy the pool all by myself, with just some water and my Kindle. I was out there by myself for about 40 minutes, and the sun felt so good and it was so peaceful and relaxing.

Then my little sweetie pie came out and we had so much fun together again! Me and her were buddies today, and I loved all our bonding time.

Towards the end of our pool time, the gray clouds were covering the sky and the wind was blowing, and we were both getting kind of cold. So we laid out on our “walamelon” blanket under our towels to get warmed up, before heading back inside.

We then showered and got warm and dressed, and had some quiet rest time and snacks on the couch, then played with Addie after she finished her bottle.

Addison started getting really fussy, but once I realized how long she had been awake, and that she was probably just tired, she fell asleep almost immediately once I snuggled her up in my arms with her paci and a blankie.

Jeff and Emerson both wanted Whataburger for dinner (I wasn’t thrilled with the idea, but we went with it), so they went to go pick it up and I stayed home to cuddle my sleeping angel baby.

Another night, another set of new jammies, complete with a little PJ hat! Don’t mind that massive tear falling out of her giant blue eye, she was just mad and hungry. Also, these jammies had this weird faux wrap thing happening that needed some sort of degree in rocket science or something, because I couldn’t figure them out and had to call Jeff to help get them all snapped up correctly… But dang she’s cute!

Emerson had a slice of bread and butter for her bedtime snack and watched some of The Incredibles, and then picked out a unicorn book to read together.

She had a little bit of a hard time with bedtime again tonight, but it wasn’t the worst, and we all made it through, so it’s all fine now, and now we all get to rest! Today was a great day 🙂

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