Church, Bike Rides & Tacos

Today was my first day back at church since Addison was born, and Addie’s first day at church ever! Emerson wore a new birthday dress from Grammy, and insisted on wearing her unicorn headband again, and why not!?

We went to lunch with the family at McAlister’s after lunch, and Emmie was just dancing around being so cute while eating.

She had these little hot dog-stuffed pretzel bites, and when she ate the hot dog out of one of them, Papa stuffed it with mac and cheese, and she loved it and ate it up!

Baby Sister just slept her way through the whole lunch, and did really well at church this morning (aside from her giant poo explosion that necessitated an outfit change mid-church).

She was wide awake when we got home though, and ready to eat and hang out with Mommy and Daddy for a while this afternoon, while Big Sister was napping.

I did eventually swaddle her and lay her down in her bassinet, and laid down in my bed next to her. She was doing this half-asleep peeking around for a while, and then ended up falling asleep after a bit. I also used one of Daddy’s t-shirts as a blanket, because I was already in bed and too lazy to go grab one of her blankets ­čśë

Emerson didn’t sleep very long, but once she woke up, she played doctor and played on her Kindle, and entertained herself for a bit, while Jeff napped on the couch. Addie and I slept for about an hour and a half, and both of us woke up feeling better, because geez louise I was so stinking exhausted.

Emmie practiced riding her bike (with Slothy strapped in the tiny seat in the back), and Addie and I sat in the chair in the shade in the breeze, until we both started getting too sweaty.

Oh and our neighbor and his doggie came over to chat, and Emmie couldn’t get enough of petting this super soft old pup!

We took some time inside to cool off and then loaded up to go get some dinner. We hadn’t been back to my new favorite taco place since Addie was born, and I was really craving some delicious al pastor tacos. And it really hit the spot!

Grammy gave Emmie some scrunchies for her birthday, and she wore one on her wrist all day. She wanted me to try giving her a ponytail with it, and although it was tangled and messy and sweaty from her bike riding, I was able to manage it, and it was so tiny and adorable!

She absolutely demolished her chicken quesadilla tonight, and I was so proud of how much she ate tonight.

We picked up a Walmart grocery order after dinner, and then headed home. We got all the groceries put away, and Jeff fed Addison, then I laid out all of Emmie’s outfits for the week (I had already done Addie’s earlier today), and then got Emmie ready for bed.


Emmie was good and sweet and easy at bedtime, and although Addie was a little whiny after her bottle, Jeff cuddled her and got her calmed down quickly, and she fell asleep easily too.

We did a quick vacuum and tidy around the living room and started a load of laundry as well. Now it’s time to settle in and rest a little bit, probably watch a few of our favorite travel YouTube “friends” and then read a tiny bit before bedtime.




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