Summer Camp

Today was Emerson’s first day this summer for camp at East Hill. This is her second summer there though, so not her first time ever. She was so excited, she picked out her outfit last night, including her summer camp theme shirt. And also had her little swim bag all packed up and ready to go last night too.

We’ve just got to have Daddy fix up those strings so it’s not so long on her, bumping down the back of her tiny knees.

Poor little Addison though has been sick for a few days now. She actually started feeling bad on our drive home on Saturday, and we could tell she had a fever. We took her straight to Urgent Care at 7pm Saturday as we drove back into town, and they tested for strep, UTI, and ear infection, and all were clear, so they sent us on our way. But then she was still sick all day yesterday too. Jeff stayed home with her from church, and then she just slept and laid around all day, barely eating anything all day. (We all just took it easy yesterday, and I took the night off from blogging, just to take a break.) She had a rough night last night, and then actually threw up this morning at 3am.

So Jeff took her to see the pediatrician this morning, to get checked out again. Based on her symptoms, they said she most likely just has a viral infection, that will have to run it’s course. But in addition, she was now at the start of an ear infection, so they did call in a round of antibiotics for her. So Jeff picked up those meds, and then dropped her off for Grandmommie to take care of her for the rest of the day. She got her to eat one piece of toast, she played for a few minutes, and then eventually fell asleep on the couch for hours and hours, mostly all afternoon.

My supervisor is growing a variety of zinnias in her yard, and brought in all these cute little jars for the ladies in our unit, and it’s so cute and bright and cheerful on my desk! (It was rough coming back into the office after being gone for 6 days, with over 130 emails, 25 new cases received to review/log/add to my backlog, and all these other little things to deal with.)

Loved this cute little collage that Google made from this date last summer.


When I picked up Emerson from summer camp, she immediately got in the car and said, “I had a great day at camp, Mommy!” And that was such a good thing to hear from her. My Mama & Grandmommie brought Addie back over to our house for us, and she was still in such a sleepy, sad, pitiful, fever-ish state. But mom had given her Motrin before they left their house, and so it finally kicked in a little after they got to our house, and she was saying she was hungry. So I quickly put together some dinner for us, and she perked up quite a bit, and actually ate a good amount for dinner.

She stayed perky and sweet and playful for about an hour, until she started getting sleepy again. And then it was time for nightly meds, and that really made her mad. We did get her to take some Tylenol and antibiotics though, and she fell asleep with Daddy really quickly. (And you can tell Daddy fell asleep really quickly too.)

We watched a little bit of “Parent Trap” on Disney+ (we’re very into that since this past weekend now), and then got started on our typical bedtime stuff. Emerson was really sleepy after a big day at camp, and fell asleep really easily after our usual bedtime routine. I left Addison there cuddled up with Jeff for a while, but actually just now laid her down in her bed. Last night was a rough night for her, and for Jeff and I trying to take care of her, so we’re really hoping and praying she sleeps better tonight, and maybe even wakes up feeling better tomorrow. (We are already planning to keep her out of school tomorrow, but I still want her to feel better, because this poor pitiful girl is breaking my heart!)

On another note though, here’s a video compilation I made of our family vacay last week!

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