Stressful News

OK so, I’m tired and exhausted and emotional tonight, so this will be very short and sweet tonight… Emmie was happy and smiling during morning photo time, but then got upset when it was actually time for me to leave, and so it was a little rough.

I made myself some avocado toast for breakfast at work (with my iced coffee), and it was delicious. I’ll be having it again tomorrow, with that second half of the avocado.

Emmie and her friends made Cat in the Hat hats at school today, and they’re super cute.

So, now’s the story time where I tell you why I’m so drained tonight… Jeff went to the neurologist today, and they read his CT scan from yesterday and did some physical stress tests, and determined his herniated disc is worse than we thought. So, they decided to admit him to the hospital, to get an MRI done tomorrow (which is apparently the fastest way to get an MRI, instead of having to go through a million hoops), and then depending on what they see on the MRI, it’s likely he’ll have surgery to fix it on Friday. So not only was I not expecting actual surgery, I definitely wasn’t expecting it to happen this week…

But before they actually admitted him, they let him leave and come home to pack a bag and gather some things. So his Dad picked him up after the appointment & brought him home, then his Mom come over around 6pm to help get him back to the hospital. The four of us had a quick dinner at Chick-fil-A, and then she took him to the hospital to get checked into a room.

Emmie and I did bedtime just the two of us tonight, and she did decently well, all things considered…

We also got Emmie’s backpack loaded down with some clothes and shoes and things for a few days, and if the result of tomorrow’s MRI is definitely surgery, and Jeff will definitely stay in the hospital for a few days, then Emmie and I will go stay at my parents’ house for a few days. It was super stressful receiving that news today, and I was overwhelmed and crying, and my Mama invited Emmie and I to come, and I thought that sounded like a pretty good idea. So I’m gonna go pack some stuff for myself too, and prepare to move out there for a few days.

So, once again, please keep Jeff and the rest of us in your prayers this week. My hormonal, newly-diabetic, pregnant self can’t take too much more of all this craziness!

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