New Years Day 2024

Today was another one of those random days full of a lot and also not much… I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and then I fell asleep in the recliner while everyone was watching a movie. We finally got up and moving for real around 10:30, and then I decided to tackle Addison’s room. It had gotten very cluttered over the last couple of weeks, and we just hadn’t taken the time to deal with it.

This is the new ornament I got for her yesterday for $2 at Walmart (regularly $10) on my solo trip.

Trying to sell this nursery glider on Facebook marketplace, since we literally never use it anymore (other than to gather piles of clean clothes instead of putting them away…), so if you or anyone you know needs one of these, let me know.

Here’s the “after” – it’s not perfect, but it’s definitely much better than the before. That one diaper box under the window is just a collection of random things we need to go through, so maybe we’ll get around to that at some point this week.

We also started taking down all the Christmas stuff today, too. I got Ryan to help me get the stuff that was too tall for me to reach. I got everything off the tree, but didn’t actually get the tree down. Hopefully Jeff and the boys can get that taken care of for me tomorrow, so that I can get everything reset and refreshed.

Both girls took nice long naps today, Emmie for about 2 hours, and Addie for 3 hours. I washed dishes, and re-did my nails while they slept. Jeff and the boys ran around town, and also picked up a bookshelf I got for Emerson’s room from FB marketplace, that we need to clean up and refresh a little before we can get it in her room.

Then once the girls woke up, I brought them to Ross with me (looking for a few things which I didn’t find), and then we picked up another small Walmart grocery order, because I had forgotten breakfast stuff for the new couple of days.

On our way home from the store, Emerson went on this whole little spiel, that I wrote down to save… “If cars were on sale for only $1, I would pick one. I wish they were, that would be good. If I was the judge or they mayor or something, I would say, ‘Every single car in this country for $1.'”

I had a pork loin slow-cooking in the crock pot all day, then I did rice, black eyed peas, broccoli & crescent rolls. This is our version of the traditional southern New Years Day meal of pork, peas & greens, since we don’t like greens… But this was yummy, and almost all of us cleaned our plates.

After dinner, we did our typical just hanging out and watching tv and playing and putting away leftovers. I got Emerson to sleep in her bed pretty easily, because she was already pretty tired, even after having a good nap.

We had an absolutely terrible night with Addison last night, not because of the fireworks or anything, just because she was being clingy and difficult. She was awake half the night, and crying most of that, and then flopping around our bed the other half. (Which is why I needed a nap at 9am.) But Jeff got her to nap in her bed like a big girl, with no rocking or hoopla for nap time, and he did the same thing again tonight. It’s currently on 9pm, but she’s sound asleep and has been for about 20 minutes so far. So tonight more than ever, we’re really hoping and praying and crossing fingers that she actually sleeps!

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