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Little Addie Pie finally went back to school this morning, for the first time since December 22! She got sick and then had an ear infection and then we had so many days off work, so she had a nice long break at home with family. But she was happy to go back to her friends and teachers today!

I took off one more day today, to have a Mommy/Daughter day with Emerson. So we both had leftover breakfast casserole to start the day, while watching Survivor. Then she decided to do a puzzle for her own puzzle challenge, while the tribes were doing their immunity challenge.

Then once she completed her puzzle, she put those headphones around her neck as her immunity necklace!

This is her new bookshelf! I found this for $20 on Facebook Marketplace, and sent Jeff and the boys to pick it up a few days ago. It wasn’t in bad shape, but it needed some work to make it more stable, and it needed a little bit of fresh white paint. So Jeff and Gabe worked on it for a couple of days, and finished it last night. Emmie and I were so stinking excited to get it set up today! I’d been wanting a bookshelf for her room for a while now, and have been looking for months and months. She has so many books already, and they were just piled up and overflowing alllll over her room. But this was perfect, and looks so nice now!

(P.S. – there are also still books in that blue/white striped basket on the left, that hold the leftovers that wouldn’t fit, even after giving away a large stack of baby books to Addison.)

We also did more work to get everything cleaned up, and get her Christmas gifts unpacked and put away, and again, it’s not perfect, but it’s much better! She also loves this fun disco light thing she got from church a few months ago, that we just hadn’t ever plugged in before.

The boys were awake by this point, so we all had some leftovers for lunch, and watched a little bit of a movie. But little miss wiggle pants couldn’t sit still for more than 15 minutes, before she was asking, “What are we gonna do now!?” So we had some art time! She found a piece of cardboard she wanted to paint, and then she painted a mermaid on an old canvas that she painted purple back when she was about 2 years old, and has been in her room since then. And I just read while she painted, and let her do her own thing without interfering 😉

Then for our next activity, she pulled out this fun dance mat she got for Christmas this year. It kept her busy for quite a while, and she was SO into it. Eventually, she decided she needed to be Rapunzel for this dance game, so that happened too.

We then went out to run around town in the freezing cole rain, for reasons we’re not sure of. We made a quick stop to return some library books, then strolled through TJ Maxx, before picking up baby sister from her nearby daycare. Emmie begged me for this super soft & fuzzy backrest pillow thing, and she wanted it for her new little reading nook so badly. I did not give in though, since it was literally Christmas just last week, but told her I’d let the family know she wanted one for her birthday, and she said, “OK but ONLY if it’s this super soft kind.” (I also ended up not getting those K-Cups, because even though they were in the clearance section, they weren’t actually marked down.)

I had the boys put a frozen baked ziti in the oven while I was out picking up Addie, so while that was baking, we had lots of time to just hang out and play in the girls’ newly cleaned bedrooms, which was so nice. So once we got Addie from school and got back home,we busted out a second dance mat, that they actually got for Christmas last year, so that each girl could boogie.

I mixed up a giant Caesar salad for everyone, and then toasted some garlic bread, and dinner was ready. It honestly wasn’t that great (it was very store-bought-tasting, but of course it was), but we still ate it anyways, but didn’t bother saving the little bit of leftovers…

Jeff did switch out the railing in Addie’s bed, for the crib-sized one, instead of the twin-sized one we put on earlier this week. Then we told her to get in a test it out, and both girls got themselves very comfy for a few minutes.

I don’t really remember what happened after this, but Emmie ended up having a meltdown at some point, so her and I just went to her room to cuddle and cry it out and calm down, and then we just stayed there for a bit until her bedtime. And then at 8:15 she decided she was so starving and the only thing she wanted was a turkey sandwich. So I made her one, and she ate all but the last three little bites! She was fine by that point, and then she had a good bedtime. Meanwhile, Jeff was able to get Addie down for bedtime in her own bed, and both girls are now sound asleep.

Jeff’s been folding some clean laundry for a while now, and it’s Gabe’s turn to wash some dishes. I think I’m just gonna cuddle up under a blanket to get warm, grab my Kindle, and do some reading before bedtime, once I finish my current episode of Survivor I’ve been watching while writing 😉

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