Mellow Mushroom

OK first of all, WOW. You guys. When I posted my breastfeeding story this morning, I truly had no idea the kind of response it would receive. I posted it at 6am, and before 10am, I had already received more views on my blog in one day than I had since I started blogging again back in January. And as of this post tonight, that number has now doubled. I didn’t post my story simply for blog views (although I am floored by the number), but I posted it because this issue needs to see the light of day. I got so many comments, texts, and private messages from other moms with similar stories, and it was just so amazing hearing from so many other women giving & receiving support. So THANK YOU. Thank you for reading it, and thank you for reaching out, and thank you for supporting.

Anyways, moving on to the other two best parts of the day…

1. My mama texted me around 11:20 this morning asking if I had lunch plans. I told her I had some leftovers in my work frisge, but that I was willing to skip that. So instead, we met up at Taco Republik! Usually, the only times I go there is with Mama and Megan, so it was weird with Meg while she’s still Ireland. But it was a great spontaneous lunch with just the two of us!

2. Dinner at Mellow Mushroom tonight! Jeff and the twins picked up Emerson and I met them after work. Jeff’s best bud from work, Ed, also met us there, and we all ate pretzel bites and pizzas, while talking about movies and soccer and and “Stairway to Heaven” and diversifying your financial portfolio. (Ed is a super smart, math-y bank kind of guy.) Emerson was really silly eating my pizza crust, and then really sweet with her Daddy and brothers.

After dinner, Jeff, Ryan & Gabe, and Ed went to the First Friday Art Walk down in Railroad Square. Emerson was super tired though (and crowds of people aren’t really this introverts thing), so her and I came on home.

We played for a little bit, and she took about three steps on her own! She’s been trying really hard for a few days now, but can usually only make it about a step and a half. I tried to get it on video, but she wouldn’t do it again after that one time tonight. But then I got lots of snuggles while putting her to bed, and I just loved that so much. Also, I added in one ounce of whole milk to her formula for the first time, to start getting ready for the full switch soon!

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