Family Shopping Trip

We started out the morning with McDonald’s breakfast (the boys’ choice), followed by some shopping. We first went to the grand opening of the brand new 5 Below (near Old Navy, if you’re wondering), and it was actually better than I was even expecting! We all found a few things we either wanted (turquoise nail polish for me) or needed (office lamp for Jeff), plus a few other things. The boys each got a pair of $5 headphones, and we also got a $5 Bluetooth speaker for around the house, or when we’re outside in our fancy new pool. We didn’t actually purchase the baskets pictured below, but now I can’t stop thinking about them, so I’ll probably run back on my lunch break one day next week to grab a few of them.

As Jeff and the boys went to the register to pay, Emerson and I strolled on next door to the Carter’s store. I had already ordered a cute, special onesie for her to wear on her birthday, but I wanted some cute, special pants to go with it. So we found some oft those, plus a few other things, because even their clearance was on sale for an additional 40% off! We got 2 onesies, 1 shorts, 1 pants, and 2 full outfits for $28.

After we were done at Carter’s, we ran into some of our favorite friends, Greg & Abby and their kiddos! We stood talking for a little while, but since Emmie was hungry & tired, we had to head on home. Jeff & the boys ran in at home just long enough for Ryan & Gabe to grab their towels and swim suits. Jeff then took them to the youth pool party, while Emmie napped, and I did some serious deep cleaning. Once Emmie woke up though, we had fun playing together. And check out this adorable mermaid romper!

During my deep cleaning, I unpacked a couple of boxes from my Grandmother’s house, that I brought home before her house was sold back in the beginning of May. In that box, I found this Russian nesting, that my Grandmother’s brother brought back for her. I had set it out on display, and while I was carrying her around she spotted it, and got so excited! So we took it back to our normal play area, and she was loving it. She was studying them, as my dad pointed out. I keep putting them together, then taking them out, and she was so confused. She would shake it, then hear it rattle, then just stare at it. I kept the smallest two together, because the tiniest one I’m afraid she could choke on. But she carried that second smallest one around the living room for about 5 minutes just checking everything out.

At 4pm, the three of us ran back over to pick up the boys from the pool party. We tried to visit a few Little Free Library’s on the way home, but one didn’t exist where there used to be one, and the second didn’t have any good books. So maybe we’ll visit another couple tomorrow after church. On the way home, the boys requested spaghetti for dinner, and luckily we had all the stuff we needed already. So while the boys showered, I cooked dinner, and daddy played with Emerson. She then got spaghetti all over her face (of course), so she went straight to the bath tub. Then since it’s her birthday weekend, I dressed her in these adorable hand-me-down cupcake jammies!

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