Little But Fierce

The surprise 50-degree weather this morning had me switching out clothes for Emerson, into pants and long-sleeves, instead of a little dress. But this new outfit and new shirt, which says “Little But Fierce,” is just so stinking adorable!

Both of my little girls had a good day at school today – good naps, good meals/bottles, and look at little Addie trying so hard to it up! She’s getting close to being able to sit up on her own, and I think she’ll be crawling soon-ish too!

I had planned to make spaghetti and salad tonight, but Emerson wanted to know if we could do something else, so we made a slight pivot and switched to chicken sandwiches and sweet potato tots. Emerson did eat very well, and ate almost her entire sandwich. And Addison tried a little bit of the inside of the sweet potato tot too!

Emmie wanted to play with Daddy outside after dinner, so I scooped up Addie and we all went out to hang out together, in the perfect 70-degree weather, in the last bits of light before it got dark.



We got both girls changed into their jammies when we came back inside, and Emerson of course needed a snack, so she grabbed some crackers and we watched a movie for a few minutes before it was her bedtime.

I read Emerson this book that some sweet church friends of ours loaned to us, and she really liked it. (This actually belonged to Emerson’s Sunday school teacher {who is now in her early twenties, and who I used to babysit} and her Mama said it reminded her of Emmie.)

Jeff got Addie to fall asleep in his arms, then we got her in her sleep sack and laid her in the bed. She’ll probably need one more bottle before her overnight sleep, so we’ll do that soon before we got to bed ourselves. I washed all the dishes, and Jeff’s gonna wash the bottles later. He already changed the sheets on our bed tonight, so I’m looking forward to crawling in those fresh, clean, crisp sheets, very soon.



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