Java Jackets

Would you just look at these little sweeties!?

They are so stinking precious together, and I love how much they love each other.

My fave girl, The Frother’s Daughter, was parked back at my office building again today. She changes up her schedule when the college kids are gone on break, so today was our lucky day, and she’ll be back again in two weeks. I also really loved their festive cups and super cute “java jackets” customized with the drawing of her actual coffee truck!

When I posted the pictures on socials earlier today, my friend commented saying it was Hallmark movie worthy. And I commented back saying I thought that sounded like an adorable idea for a Christmas movie! A coffee truck owner falls in love at Christmas time, with the guy who roasts the coffee beans. And then the Frother’s account commented saying they loved the idea, and said “Potential title: ‘Love is Brewing: She has a small trailer, and a big heart.” I was like, whoa that is a PERFECT title, and I’m about to go write that as a little novella myself! The story practically writes itself 🙂

Every year for the past 4 or 5 years, Meg, Papa and I meet up the week or so before Christmas, and always go to lunch together at Chicken Salad Chick. Today was our annual CSC meet-up, which was fun and tasty.

Addie Pie made a little Christmas collage at school today.

I love seeing the “reading insights” my Kindle app tells me. I have been working hard the last two months to not break my reading streak for even one day. I just thought these inverted numbers (95 weeks / 59 days) were cool today. I actually finished another book today, “The Maid,” and it was really good. If you like a lighter murder mystery, without all the darker elements but still plenty of intrigue, this would be a good one for you. And now I’ve already started another little Christmas rom-com too (“Fool Me Twice at Christmas”).

Emerson spent the day with Grandmommie again today, and was having a sleepover at their house tonight. And I was not surprised to see they got Chinese take-out for dinner, which is always one of her favorites.

I actually planned to make tuna melts for us tonight, with nice sourdough bread I bought, but was confused when I got home and couldn’t actually find any tuna. Apparently I forgot to order that with our groceries. So we did a small pivot and had grilled cheese & tomato soup instead, which turned out just fine.

After we ate our quick dinner, we went out to run errands and do some Christmas shopping. We also stopped at Dollar Tree for some treat bags, gift bags, gift boxes and tissue paper, so that I can try to get some wrapping done in the next few days… The nice cashier gave Addie this lollipop, and she rode around the buggy, hollering, “I got a popsicle!” (Yes, she said popsicle 🙂 )

It was time for us to get Addie down for bedtime when we got home, so Jeff got her changed, while I cleaned up the kitchen a little bit. Then of course we watched Bluey to wind down, before Jeff got Addie to sleep. It’s been weird without my big girl tonight, and I miss her!

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