Christmas in October

I helped teach in Emerson class at church today, and we only had her and one little friend. They were both sweet for the first 15 minutes, but then they had all of their energy burst out, and they went goofy and crazy for the rest of the hour! It was still cute though 🙂

At family lunch at Gordo’s, Little Miss Addie didn’t want to sit, but she was happy when Mommy stood up and held her, so that’s what we did! When the food came, I was luckily able to eat my Cuban sandwich one-handed, until Uncle Keith finished his meal and then tried to feed Addie her bottle. She was still a little finicky though and didn’t really eat, but we had a good lunch!

OH and yes, this is actually a Christmas dress if you look closely (the flamingo is wearing Christmas lights, and there are Christmas ornaments on the pineapples), but I’m sure you can guess that Emmie chose the dress herself, and was very insistent on wearing it to church today, so why not!? So yeah, Christmas in October.

After lunch, Emerson went home with Grammy & Papa to spend the afternoon with them, and we took our fussy girl home. She still didn’t want to eat much, but she did fall asleep with Daddy, and stayed asleep for over two hours. Girlfriend just needed a nice, long nap!

And this crazy girl got in the cold swimming pool!

I fell asleep on the couch at home for a while myself, and then headed out to pick up my big girl and bring her back home.

She got this new backpack with Grammy at Walmart today, and it barely left her hands the rest of the afternoon/evening.

A bird somehow pooped on our back sliding glass door recently, and Emerson has been getting onto Jeff for not cleaning it up, so they went out and did it together this afternoon.  Addie and I stayed inside and watched, and then Emmie decided it was too gross, and came back inside to just color, while we kept watching.

Last night, we had a fancy dinner date at Harry’s, and tonight, we had a much more casual family dinner with Taco Bell. Not quite the same, but still yummy. I had actually been planning to cook Cincinatti Chili tonight, but I slept too long, and then had to pick up Emmie, and was just too tired. Plus, I didn’t want do do dishes…

We had some playtime outside after dinner…

Look closely, and you can see where Emerson wrote her name with the chalk!

We came back inside to get the girls changed into their jammies and ready for bed. Addie was just chatting away and Emmie wanted to stay in her room and play for a little while.



Emerson read Addison a few books, and sang her some songs. Then she picked her own bedtime book and we read it in Addie’s room together.

Emmie did better at bedtime tonight, and Addie drank a nice warm bottle of milk, and then instantly fell back asleep. Daddy has been holding her after her bottle, and I just ran to scoop her up and lay her down. I found this sleep sack in the closet recently, and it must be a hand-me-down, because Emmie never wore one of these. But we’re gonna try it out tonight and see how she likes it, and I’m hoping if she stays even warmer and cozier, she’ll sleep even better. So keep your fingers crossed for us!

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