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Hi friends and family!

I’m back in the world of blogging, and I’m quite literally itching to start writing again. From 2010-2014 I wrote a  blog almost daily (actually I have two old blog sites – one & two), but frankly, most of it was just unnecessary blogging nonsense. I kind of got caught up in the “fad” of blogging at the time, and was just writing random stuff in order to post something every day. I wanted more and more followers (which I got), but I wasn’t really writing good content. Some of it was good and worth writing/sharing, but most of it, eh, not-so-much…

So, let’s say goodbye to the old blogger Halie, and hello to the new, 2018 blogger Halie!

I’m excited to start over with a fresh beginning, and a brand new blog website. My hubby created & built this site for me, and we’re still kind of working on it. And mostly I’m still just learning how to use WordPress. But I just wanted to get going, rather than keep putting it off until things were perfect. And I figure the best way to learn to use it, is to just do it!

Most of my writing here will probably be just to document our lives, and keep up with Emerson as she grows throughout the coming years! I’ll probably also include posts about food, books, movies, family & church things. If that sounds like the kind of stuff you like to read, then stick around, and I’ll try to share the good stuff whenever I can! 

I plan for my first “real” blog post to be Emerson’s birth story (from 6+ months ago!), so hopefully I’ll get that all written soon, before the details become any fuzzier!

Oh, and just one more quick note about the name, “Pullen’s Cozy Corner.” We bought our first house together in August 2016. It’s on the corner of two roads, and I love working to make it a comfortable, cute, cozy home. So I started using the hashtag #PullensCozyCorner on my Instagram posts of our home, and it felt perfect to use it for my blog title now as well! 

Glad to be back!

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