Popcorn & Puzzle

Addie wanted to make some silly faces when we got to school this morning, with her little chocolate chinstrap from eating tiny chocolate cookies first thing this morning.

But then I got one nice, big, cheesy smile from her too.

Daddy took Emerson to summer camp, per our usual routines, and she was off to a great start.

I had some of the leftover chicken and rice I made last night for today’s lunch, and spent some time reading a Kindle book I borrowed from the library.

These girls were so excited to see each other this afternoon. When Emmie and I got to daycare to get Addie, she ran past me and straight to her sister for a big ole hug!

I made some buffalo ranch chicken wraps for dinner, with sweet potato tots, and we’re still working through the giant watermelon from last week. The girls just had regular nuggets, although they claimed they wanted a wrap, so I just gave them each half a tortilla, since I knew they didn’t actually want it all wrapped up.

Tomorrow is Emerson’s birthday! She requested something special to take to her group at summer camp, so after dinner, Jeff took both girls to Publix, and Emmie picked out some delicious bakery cookies. So Jeff can drop those off tomorrow, and she can share them with her group for dessert at lunch.

While they were gone, I washed up dishes, put away leftovers, and wiped down the kitchen counter. Then I sat down to work on my puzzle, but I didn’t actually have any time before they got back home.

Last night, I spent over an hour just flipping, placing, and color-coding all the puzzle pieces for my next puzzle. It took forever, and there are sooo many similar looking pieces! The girls wanted a snack when they got home, so we made some popcorn really quickly, watched a couple episodes of “Bluey” and then did their bedtime routine.

I accidentally stayed up wayyy too late last night, and didn’t get near enough sleep, so I need to make sure I don’t do that tonight, so I can give my body some time to sleep and rest tonight!

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